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Read ✓ Shimmerlight By Jill Myles –

Shimmerlight Chloe Sorenson S Just Started A Brand New Job At Ms Muffet S Art Gallery However, No One Told Her That The Latest Auction Piece A Sculpture Of A Handsome Roman Soldier Comes To Life Think It S Hard To Explain To Your Boss Why You Re Fondling A Statue Try Explaining To The Statue Why You Re Holding His, Uh, Fig Leaf.Chloe Never Thought That Touching The Statue Would Turn Him Into A Sexy, Aroused Man, But She S Not Saying No To This Delicious Roman Soldier The Curse Requires That She Touch Him At All Times Such A HardshipBut There S A Problem In Their Lust Fueled Relationship She S Falling Dangerously In Love With A Guy That Cursed To Be Hard As A Rock Literally Unless She Can Somehow Free Him And The Statue Of Titus Just Went Up For Auction If She Doesn T Do Something, He S Going To Be Out Of Her Life And Trapped For All EternityThis Novella 16,000 Words About 70 Pages Contains Explicit Scenes, Including Some Backdoor Play.This Is A Stand Alone Steamy Romance In The Once Upon A Time Travel Series For Once Upon A Time Travel Stories, Check Out MIRRORLIGHT Novella SUNLIGHT Novella DARKLIGHT Novella THE MERMAID S KNIGHT Novel THE BEAST S BRIDE Novel And Check Out The Once Upon A Time Travel Bundle

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    This story is a companion novel to Mirrorlight They are both perfect to read as stand alone though The thing that connects them is a mysterious woman named Muffin and time travelling.In this one Chloe works for mysterious Muffin building a website at night And then she finds a statue and fondles it, lol, yes she admires it and wonders what is under that leaf And then he comes to life You can figure out what the do next Because this is one hot and short novella They have fun with each other all while she tries to figure out how this can continue He is a statue from another era No happy ending in store for them At least this is what she thinks because in the end this is romance and we all know they will live happily ever after How is the question.Short and really hot is what this lovestory has in store for you A perfect read for a lazy summerday.

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    3 Stars I enjoy this series and author, but this short story one was a little silly for me.Chloe, a widower, starts working in a museum as a web designer On her first night, she becomes enchanted by a statue of a Roman statue wearing nothing but a fig leaf So, she hits her head and finds herself being accosted by the statue, who s now come to life But of course, she s totally cool with that The statue man is actually a cursed Roman soldier And is going up for auction What is a girl to do She says to herself This story is short and funny I love Jill Myles, but this wasn t my favorite story by her.

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    I was expecting to like this than Mirrorlight, but I didnt At least in this one they could speak and had somewhat of a relationship along with the sex But they had sex before even speaking That must have been one horny soldier, to just have sex with the first woman he sees after being awoken Good thing she didnt mind But I also preferred the story of Arik I think that was his name and his background and how he had to be saved from his time, over Titus and having to be saved from the curse of being a statue Arik was interesting and tragic imo These stories are brief smut The relationships really have no time to develop and are only an accent to the sex, so go into this with the right mindset.

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    Not even remotely plausible but enjoyable nonetheless I had fun Pleasant short story if a little ridiculous.

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    If you liked Mirrorlight then you will also like Shimmerlight. and crazy ole Muffin is back Nice quick spicy story.

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    Wakes up from being knocked out to a naked guy touching her bits and is cool with having sex with him Yeah no Lol and the fairy godmother just came across as pervy and creepy lol

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    1.5All i have to say is wtf wish she would bring back the real fairytales.

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    Well this was better than Mirrorlight already because they were able to have a conversation with each other Nevermind insta love, this one had insta sex Literally the first thing he does upon seeing an unconscious female is have sex with her Hmm that doesn t raise any warning bells oh wait, she was cool with it Nevermind, all good We ll totally forget that rape right there Wow, that makes me sound like a prude I swear I m not actually Maybe I m just feeling a bit uncharitable at the moment This one seemed a lot shorter than Mirrorlight, but I don t know if it actually was or not.Chloe wasn t TSTL necessarily so that was a good thing I cannot even remember the Roman soldier s name Did we ever even find out

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    Ok this one was in the same pattern as the last but with another artifact as a link and this time it s the artifact itself she falls in love with which is kinda nice in a way I liked how the hero instantly grew attached to the heroine since she is the first ever to make him to back to a man just with hero touch I liked how comfortable they were together even though they didn t know each other long And this hero hands down is the oldest hero I read about timeline wise XD The ending was a bit sad for the heroine and so for the hero but the end of the ending was nice XD Overall, thumbs up

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    This story was OK I thought parts of it were funny, but unrealistic Which is stupid because the story has certain magical qualities to it I just thought the characters were very forward and they got to know each other intimately in a very quick amount of time.This was about a girl who fell in love with a Roman statue who would come to life at the museum she worked at But he was up for auction and would be whisked away to some other place unless she could figure out how to keep him as flesh and blood.

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