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!!> Reading ➵ Gold Rush ➭ Author Michael Johnson –

Gold Rush Elite Athletes Aren T Born They Re Made Michael JohnsonFrom A Living Icon Of The Olympic Games As Both An Athlete And Now As A BBC Broadcaster Gold Rush Is A Compelling Analysis Of The Fascinating Combination Of Psychological And Personal Qualities, As Well As Internal And External Factors, That Go To Create An Olympic Champion.This Exciting New Book Is Based On Michael Johnson S Own Experiences As An Iconic Four Time Olympic Champion, And On The Knowledge He Has Gleaned As A Top Class Coach And Motivational Speaker It Also Features, Uniquely, Than A Dozen Exclusive And Insightful Interviews With Olympic Legends From Across Several Different Sports Who Between Them Have Claimed Than 50 Gold Medals Over The Past 30 Years.In Essence, Johnson Has Assembled His Very Own Olympic Hall Of Fame In Assessing The DNA Of True Champions.Gold Rush Is Themed Around Chapters In Which Johnson Will Discuss Each Of The Key Qualities Factors He Expertly Feeds In Fascinating First Person Testimonies From The Olympic Legends In The Process He Builds Up A Definitive Knowledge Bank Of Expertise And Experience From Athletes Who Have Been On This Fascinating Journey, Encountered The Highs And The Lows, But Ultimately Reached The Summit An Olympic Gold Medal.Johnson S Interviewees Include Usain Bolt, Carl Lewis, Sally Gunnell, Seb Coe, Daley Thompson, Cathy Freeman, Ian Thorpe, Michael Phelps, Rebecca Adlington, Chris Hoy, Steve Redgrave, Matthew Pinsent, Lennox Lewis And Michael Jordan.

!!> Reading ➵ Gold Rush  ➭ Author Michael Johnson –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Gold Rush
  • Michael Johnson
  • English
  • 03 March 2019
  • 9780007411917

    10 thoughts on “!!> Reading ➵ Gold Rush ➭ Author Michael Johnson –

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    Hi, I m Michael Johnson I made history in 1996 by winning the 200 and 400 metres Olympic gold medals And I broke some tough world records during my stellar career And I made history Because I was fast, really fast Let me ask Sally Gunnell about her Olympic experiences Sally Well, Michael Hey, Sal, did I mention that I made history by winning the 200 400 metres double in Atlanta Seb Coe, tell me about your Olympic experiences Well, Michael Heck, Seb, did I mention that I was just the fastest dude out there and that I made history Well that s a fact I was a great athlete Fast Oh, yeah Fast The fastest Sure I had a lot of respect for all the other athletes, but I liked to beat them by stupid margins, because I respected them so much I made history Steve Redgrave, tell meaw heck, don t waste your breath because I was so fuckin great and I made history at the Atlanta Olympics, and darned if I didn t go and do it all again in Sydney Man, I was great I made history Did I mention that History PS Check out chapter 9 for an in depth appraisal of my humility and undemonstrative nature But heck...

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    I managed to catch this book when it was momentarily free on , and then started reading midway through the Olympics Already that made it a little bit out of date, as the big premise of the book is building up to the London 2012 games, but nevertheless I plowed on.The book is made up of several chapters detailing what it is to take a gold medal at the Olympics how much work goes in to it, all the unexpected things that come along with it, and what it s like to try and stay at the top of your game Michael Johnson talks us through his own career history, as well as interviewing other top athletes from track and field, plus swimming and cycling as well.Johnson has his own inimitable style cool, calm, collected You d almost go so far as to say emotionless, but it s clear that he s being honest and detailing his feelings, it s just it comes across in a clinical fashion The interviews sometimes feel a little shoehorned in, but overall, they add a lot to the insight provide...

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    A patchy book I was hoping for a bit insight than it gave me Much was made of the interviews he did with other great champions but I guess most of them ended up on the editors floor because it really did not show in the book What we learnt about the other atheletes I might have got while shaking hands with them at a book signing Usually an interview was briefly mentioned so Michael could chat about himself a bit There was a lot about Michael Johnson which is no problem he was one of the world s great champions He never seemed to miss an opportunity to plug his sports trai...

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    As a non athlete, who has never run or competed in sport, I found this book really interesting I was a little worried when Michael Johnson started talking about the technical aspects of his racing days but it s written in a really accessible way and it s quite fascinating how the smallest things can effect an athlete s performance.This book will suffer a little from being time sensitive having been written in the run up to the ...

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    I admire Johnson and his achievements and it s a great idea to try and about makes an Olympic champion, but, in spite of his efforts to make this interesting, this is a little bit dull The snippets of interviews with the likes of Seb Coe, Ian Thorpe and Nadia Comaneci are fairly enlightening, but there are only so many times that you can read that the route to success is focus, training and desire or synonyms thereof Clearly Joh...

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    I bought this because I respect Michael Johnson for what he achieved as an athlete and his ongoing work as a expert analyst for the BBC He is not a joker He s an extremely serious and dedicated man something that comes across loud and clear in this book At times I found it a bit dry and an ad...

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    A Christmas gift that I thought I d like much than I actually did I love Michael Johnson s contributions to the commentaries on athletics on the box Somehow in the written word he comes across as smug I kn...

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    Really enjoyed dipping in and out of this Even reading just a few pages at a time was inspiring But, then again, I love athletics, and I really admire Michael Johnson, so it might be a different story if you re coming to it cold.

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    this was an alright reads emir but not one of the better memoirs that i have read

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    A detailed analysis from one who knows It s obvious really, genetics, mental strength, organisiation and bloody hard work but there s much to it than that.

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