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[Epub] ➢ Oscar and Hoo ➣ Theo –

Oscar and Hoo Oscar Is A Dreamer And Sometimes He Forgets Where He Is When Oscar Is On Vacation And Daydreaming, He Loses His Parents Alone In The Big, Empty Desert, He Is Afraid All Seems Hopeless, Until The Most Extraordinary Friend Appears This Is An Enchanting Fantasy, Illustrated By Oscar Winning Filmmaker Michael Dudok De Wit.

[Epub] ➢ Oscar and Hoo  ➣ Theo –
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Oscar and Hoo
  • Theo
  • English
  • 09 December 2017
  • 9780007107940

    10 thoughts on “[Epub] ➢ Oscar and Hoo ➣ Theo –

  1. says:

    Oscar and Hoo, written by Theo and beautifully illustrated by Michael Dudok De Wit, is a poignant story that will touch the dreamer in all of us Lessons of friendship, empathy, loyalty and slowing down are learned in this brief book.

  2. says:

    This is a bizarre but very lovely kids book I came across it in a charity shop and had no idea what it would be like but it became one of my son s favourites.If you have an under 5 in your family,I would highly recommend.

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    Re readI bought this on a whim for myself, as the cover proudly proclaimed that it was Profound and evocative and that the illustrator had won awards for a short animated film What I got was a cute story about a lost boy meeting a lost cloud in the desert Just cute is fine, but not quite what I was expecting.I tried reading it to the youngest member of the household Their review I liked Hoo because he was a cute little cloud There s that word aga...

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    Oscar and Hoo, written by Theo and illustrated by Michael Dudok de Wit, is a children s picture book, aimed at small children upwards I m sure any class of primary school children would enjoy having it read to them Even the older children who feel they have outgrown such things can find it relaxing to slip back into the world of the smaller carefree child where anything is possible.The basic story tells of a little boy called Oscar who lives alone with his busy parents, he loves to look out of his window and daydream with his head in the clouds We find Oscar, at the beginning, daydreaming, gazing out at the sky while his parents run around madly preparing for their holiday, for which they are late We follow a series of pictures showing them making a mad dash from home to airport to flying, to landing, to a confused disembarkation in the desert with camels and his parents distracted by maps, directions and pointing camel guides The book uses the visual both with its drawings, layout and text Some pages are busy , laid out story board style where you must follow the seque...

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    I love this book It is so cute and darling.Hoo the cloud said, But if I rain all my tears, I ll vanish At the end of the book, Hoo cried with happiness So does that mean he ll vanish Or is it just crying with sadness that will make Ho...

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    I love the illustrations than the story.

  7. says:

    An adorable little story.

  8. says:

    Cute pictures ho hum story.

  9. says:

    angelic book with adorable illustrations

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