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[[ PDF / Epub ]] ☉ Lefty Author Vernona Gomez –

Lefty A Baseball Legend Distinguished By His Competitive Nature, Quick Wit, And Generous Spirit, Lefty Gomez Was One Of A Kind Told For The First Time, This Is His Remarkable Story Born To A Small Town California Ranching Family, The Youngest Of Eight, Vernon Lefty Gomez Rode His Powerful Arm And Jocular Personality Right Across America To The Dugout Of The New York Yankees Lefty Baffled Hitters With His Blazing Fastball, Establishing Himself As The Team S Ace He Vacationed With Babe Ruth, Served As Joe DiMaggio S Confidant, And Consoled Lou Gehrig The Day The Iron Horse Removed Himself From The Lineup He Started And Won The First Ever All Star Game, Was The First Pitcher To Make The Cover Of Time Magazine, And Barnstormed Japan As Part Of Major League Baseball S Grand Ambassadorial Tour In 1934 Away From The Diamond, Lefty Played The Big City Bon Vivant, Marrying Broadway Star June O Dea And Hobnobbing With A Who S Who Of Celebrities, Including George Gershwin, Jack Dempsey, Ernest Hemingway, Marilyn Monroe, George M Cohan, And James Michener He Even Scored A Private Audience With The Pope And Even When His Pro Ball Career Was Done, Lefty Wasn T He Became A National Representative For Wilson Sporting Goods, Logging Over 100,000 Miles A Year, Spreading The Word About America S Favorite Game, And Touching Thousands Of Lives In 1972 He Was Inducted Into The National Baseball Hall Of Fame Three Baseball Fields Are Named For Him, And To This Day The Top Honor Bestowed Each Year By The American Baseball Coaches Association Is The Lefty Gomez Award Now, Drawing On Countless Conversations With Lefty, Interweaving Than Three Hundred Interviews Conducted With His Family, Friends, Competitors, And Teammates Over The Course Of A Decade, And Revealing Candid Photos, Documents, And Film Clips Many Never Shown Publicly His Daughter Vernona Gomez And Her Award Winning Co Author Lawrence Goldstone Vividly Re Create The Life And Adventures Of The Irreverent Southpaw Fondly Dubbed El Se Or Goofy I D Rather Be Lucky Than Good, Lefty Gomez Once Quipped One Of Many Classic One Liners Documented Here In The End He Was Both A Star Studded Romp Through Baseball S Most Glorious Seasons And America S Most Glamorous Years, Lefty Is At Once A Long Overdue Reminder Of A Pitcher S Greatness And A Heartwarming Celebration Of A Life Well Lived.

[[ PDF / Epub ]] ☉ Lefty  Author Vernona Gomez –
  • Hardcover
  • 416 pages
  • Lefty
  • Vernona Gomez
  • English
  • 07 December 2018
  • 9780345526489

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    Vernon Gomez, nicknamed Lefty for obvious reasons pitched for the NY Yankees from 1930 1942 This is rather amazing as this was the time when pitchers were in the game till their arms fell off They virtually pitched themselves out of their careers Vernon was the type of pitcher that would pitch everyday if asked, he had a fierce drive to compete and to win This is the account of his life from the beginning to the end We follow along through the early years of baseball, the good and the bad, we are introduced to other greats such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Bill Dickey and Phil Rizzuto Other players who were well known and stars at the time but whose names are not familiar to me Even after his baseball career was over he stayed connected to the game He had a reputation as a man you could trust and his work ethic on the baseball diamond carried on, it was a legacy left to him by his parents He did a lot to help break down the race barriers in baseball, along with establishing baseball clinics for young players Much of the account is related in stories from people that were there or heard of it, where there is a conflict that is brought out too, in one event of his life, where not much is known the author simply states, He never said why he did what he did This was an easy to read book, the narrative was flowing and while not compelling, was not boring or tedious It had the background information of Lefty and June s life that you expect from a biography makin...

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    Even my love of baseball purely for baseball s sake couldn t propel me all the way through this book It has some great stories and information but is poorly organized and has the feel of a book that was left without an objective editor for cutting the snippets that didn t matter For instance, there were entire chapters on the history of this baseball player s wife and her family and childhood I simply didn t care about that stuff, but obviously it s meaningful to the author who is the subject in question s daughter Yes, I can see why she would think it important to talk about her mother s background as well as her father s, but when you re titling a book as a baseball biography, it is unfair to go on a tangent that lasts multiple chapters on your mother s childhood and work history, chapters that don t mention baseball even one time I renewed this book at the library my full limit of three times and still couldn t get to the end, so I gave up and took it back.Not recommended for gen...

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    Excellent biography one of baseball s colorful characters Lefty Gomez pitched before my time but this book sheds much light on little known facts about the N Y Yankees in the 20 s and 30 s.the team that dominated that era Gomez was married to June O Dea, a Broadway star, and was close friends of players like Ruth, Gehrig and Lazzeri He was a wit loved by the media and everyone that knew him.I met Lefty Gomez in 1966 when he visited the ballpark where I was employed in Asheville NC He signed a ball for me which I kept until my two little brothers played with it so much the signature wore off and was subsequently lost and gone forever Since then, Gomez was ind...

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    I really enjoyed the format of this book, presenting a story of a man in a way that made me feel like I knew him The quotes and commentary from various sources made for a true to life feel It s also a great book for those who enjo...

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    Good story about a great player, and an even better person.

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    Lefty Gomez is both one of the best known and one of the least known stars in baseball history To the public and press, he was El Goofo, a unique combination of high velocity fastball, affable eccentricity, and irreverent wit a free spirit and natural clown who was so relaxed on the mound that he paused during a World Series game to watch an airplane fly over the Polo Grounds His friends and teammates, however, knew a far different person And a complex one Lefty Gomez was widely considered the glue of the Yankee clubhouse throughout the 1930 s Teammates confided in him and asked his advice Prologue to Lefty An American OdysseyWhen I think of the New York Yankee s of the 1930 s only two names come to mind Gerhig and Ruth Granted there is DiMaggio as well but with a solid and full of stories, lore, and history book, Vernona Gomez and Lawrence Goldstone, have done a great job of introducing me to another key player of that Yankee dynasty Vernon Lefty Gomez.To be published by Ballentine Books next month, Lefty An American Odyssey takes the reader on a world wide journey of baseball and life which begins in Rodeo, California, northeast of San Francisco, in 1908 when and where Gomez was born to a working class family His competitive nature asserts itself as he begins to play baseball in fields that are barely diamonds, the school teams, then semi pro teams and then, given the fact that the closest major lea...

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    It was once said that rooting for the New York Yankees was like rooting for U.S Steel The retort to that statement was comparing a team that, through the decades, has produced the likes of Babe Ruth, Lefty Gomez and Yogi Berra, to U.S Steel is simple minded Vernon Lefty Gomez was indeed one of the colorful characters in baseball history, and he receives his due in this biography co authored by his daughter Verona and longtime writer Lawrence Goldstone.This is a classic cradle to grave biography, and it does a great job of telling the story of Gomez memorable life and putting it in the context of the times in which he lived Born to a poor farming family in California, Vernon Gomez followed the same cross country path to fame and fortune at Yankee Stadium that would be followed a few years later by another Yankee Hall of Famer to be, Joe DiMaggio The shy DiMaggio and the ebullient Gomez became roommates and lifelong friends That relationship is explored in depth in these pages, along with the most significant pairing of his life his half century plus marriage to Broadway star June O Dea.Gomez had a native gift for humor the tale of him stepping off the pitcher s mound during a World Series Game to watch a plane flying overhead is the st...

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    A very enjoyable read by Vernona Gomez with Lawrence Goldstone on Vernon Lefty Gomez, a great pitcher in the 1930s for the Yankees and a great character Loved reading about his Yankee days with Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio to name a few Thought Gomez was a great character and loved how this book wasn t just about baseball although the better portion of it is but also his wife in the theater business and Vernon s love of aviation The book is also great for me because it talked a lot about his childhood growing up around San Francisco, mostly Rodeo, which is close to where I work Any Yankee fan should read this and most baseball fans will also enjoy My only fault I saw in this book was that I thought they could have possibly sped through his post baseball playing days...

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    I recieved an advanced copy through goodreads first read program I am a big baseball fan and I enjoy reading about history You get great baseball history in this book on the life of Vernon Lefty Gomez who was a pitcher for the New York Yankess in the 1930s Lefty s daughter is one of the authors and she gives you an in depth look at her father who was known for being goofy I really enjoyed the footnotes which often contained the story behind the story I learned some things about the Yankees and their stars such as Ruth Gehrig and DiMaggio that made me go wow Learned the reason that the Indians declined their option on Lefty which was suprising Gives the book an R rating Also learned that DiMaggio was planning on remarrying Mar...

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    I received this book throught the Goodreads First Read program.Great book about Vernon Lefty Gomez, a pitcher for the Yankees in the 30 s Written by his daughter this book offers insights into his life that no one else would be able to offer Lefty was a riot a minute as well as one the all time great baseball players He played during the er...

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