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[Read] ➵ Ask Your Science Teacher ➲ Larry Scheckel –

Ask Your Science Teacher Curiosity Stirs The Soul Of Every Human Who Has Not Wondered About How The Human Body Works Can A Person Drink Too Much Water How Does Gravity Make Things Fall Why Do Sunflowers Always Face The Sun What About A Man Flying With Wings How Big Would Those Wings Have To Be How Tall Can A Human Grow Why Are Tennis Balls Fuzzy What Happens To The White When Snow Melts What Does Einstein S Famous Equation Really Mean Why Can T We Invent A Time Machine Do Aliens Live Among Us What Is Heavy Water Why Is It Quiet After A Snowfall Why Do Dogs Drool How Risky Is Driving A Car Mysteries Lurk In Our House, Our Body, The Outdoors, In The Heavens, And The Universe Over 250 I Always Wondered About That Questions And Answers Are In This Book Larry Scheckel Has Taught High School Science For Over 38 Years And Writes A Weekly Science Column For The Local Newspaper Known As Mr Science, Larry Scheckel Has Given Science Presentations To Thousands Of Children And Adults Across The United States He Has Been A Full House Presenter At Conventions And Science Seminars Mr Science Has Thrilled Audiences For Over 35 Years With Amazing Science Demonstrations To Audiences From Kindergarten To Adults Browse The Contents Of This Book And Enjoy An Entertaining And Thoughtful Look At How Our World Works Discover The Secrets Of Life S Most Baffling Mysteries.

[Read] ➵ Ask Your Science Teacher  ➲ Larry Scheckel –
  • Paperback
  • 408 pages
  • Ask Your Science Teacher
  • Larry Scheckel
  • English
  • 22 March 2019
  • 9781461044499

    10 thoughts on “[Read] ➵ Ask Your Science Teacher ➲ Larry Scheckel –

  1. says:

    I m pretty sure this is supposed to be for kids but I actually did really enjoy it too, it covered a wide variety of topics, some of which I knew about already but it was accessible and succinct I think it would be good for som...

  2. says:

    I really enjoyed this book There were different sections so that you could flip to one you liked or read the book all the way through Some of the complicated concepts like how the puddle of water on the road illusion works had diagrams, making it much easier to understand I didn t know pretty much anything about the answers to most of the questions, and the ones I did know something about went into enough detail that they were interesting to read Scheckel went very in depth as for his answers, but you still understood what he was saying There is some advanced vocabulary, but nothing that the average person wouldn t be able to handle Almost every topic also had a bit of extra information with it This is probably partially due to the fact that the QA s were taken from Scheckel s newspaper column, so they all had to be within a certain length At first I found this a little annoying, but I grew us...

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    Larry Scheckel took the knowledge of his 30 years of teaching and presenting about science gave him, came up with 250 questions related in some fashion to science for example How Legos stick together or Why tennis balls are fuzzy and distilled his answers into this book Ask a Science Teacher would be a great book to give a elementary middles school student to stimulate id...

  4. says:

    I don t know how accurate the answers are but the questions were intriguing It made me go look up info about some things It s an easy read and a book you don t have to read cover to cover Skip around and find the topics that interest you But at least read all the question...

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    Easy to understand with lots of interesting information Can easily be read in the presented order or skipped to whatever subject is needed Great for those looking for easy explanations or just want to brush up on their science knowledge ARC from Netgalley

  6. says:

    Ask a Science Teacher is a book by Larry Scheckel The book contains 250 questions and the answers to those questions Not all questions can be answered, but this book answering 250 is a good place to start Honestly, I know a lot of the answers to these questions, but having them phrased by someone else makes it quite effective.Scheckel writes in a friendly, conversational style Sometimes the answers go beyond what the questioner asks, but it is interesting to see where it goes For instance, you might be familiar with the Marianas Trench in the Pacific Ocean It is the deepest part of the ocean floor at approximately 35,756 ft or 10898.429 m beneath the ocean surface It talks about how we know about that value and at the same time adds some interesting trivia For example, did you know that a person that went down to that depth took a watch with him that was on the arm of the submersible, and it was still operating throughout the dive Some of the questions are interesting since I never thought to ask them For example, one of the questions is Why does the Earth have Gravity This leads Scheckel into a tangent that explores Isaac Newton s formulation of Gravity and some bits and...

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    This book could have only been better if it had been written sooner So I could have enjoyed reading it sooner It makes you interested in science, even then you are And or makes science something that you can be interested In.

  8. says:

    Though I didn t agree with everything stated and there were a few grammatical errors, this book filled me with scientific curiosity and the desire to learn .

  9. says:

    This would have been much better if I were either younger or read fewer in depth science books Still, for a really top level, basic overview of a lot of science topics it s good.

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