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[BOOKS] ✪ The Demons of Cambian Street ✴ Catherine Cavendish –

The Demons of Cambian Street Sometimes Evil Wears A Beautiful FaceAfter Her Illness, The Quiet Backwater Of Priory St Michael Seemed The Ideal Place For Stella To Recuperate But In The Peaceful Little Town, Something Evil Is Slumbering, Waiting For Its Chance To Possess What It Desires When Stella And Her Husband Move Into The Long Empty Apartment, They Re Unaware Of What Exists In The Cupboard Upstairs, The Entrance To An Evil That Will Threaten Both Their Lives

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    This is my second book by Catherine Cavendish and this chilling, spooky book did not disappoint Stella is slowly recovering from cancer and she wants to go somewhere that is peaceful and serene Stella and her husband find such a place on Cambian Street As they settle into the home everything seems fine at first, but then small things start happening that makes Stella wonder if she is imagining things There is a cupboard in the house that has a lock on it which Stella finds curious, but she starts wondering what is really going on when the cupboard starts unlocking itself When Stella discusses it with her husband, he just laughs it off saying it is an old house, but what they don t know is that the cupboard is locked for a reason and what is in the cupboard is beyond their wildest nightmares The that Stella tries to relax and recuperate, the activity starts flaring up in the home Stella makes friends with a woman Rhiannon that practices Wicca and along with her new friend they try to discover what is haunting the home as this is not the first time that something has happened there What they find is a nightmare from hell The book begins as a peaceful and tranquil time for Stella, but quickly builds in ...

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    3.5 stars Review pending.

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    After Stella s cancer goes into remission, she wants to live in a peaceful village, with her husband Paul They want to start their life s all over again So they move to the little town of Priory of St Michael They find an apartment, that meets their needs Below there is a club, that Paul is the manager of The apartment has been vacant for many years There apartment comes with an evil history Stella begins to hear things, while Paul is downstairs working Stella gets to the point, where she thinks, that she is losing her mind Stella, makes friends with a Wicca witch, who agrees to help Stella, discover what is haunting her apartment Demons of Cambian Street, has a great plot, with some twists and turns along the way Cavendish, does a great job of developing the characters, which makes the story even stronger The writing is nice and smooth and delivers everything you would w...

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    After Stella s cancer goes into remission, she decides to move to a peaceful small town with her husband to recuperate But Priory St Michael is anything but peaceful There are rumours that something horrible that happened in the apartment before they moved in Stella seeks the help of a Wiccan woman and learns that a succubus and incubus might be lurking in her new home.I love Catherine Cavendish s writing, so of course I enjoyed The Demons of Cambian Street It has everything I ve come to expect from a Cavendish book atmospheric, creepy, with relatable characters that you care about.This spooky novella features a Halloween seance, so it would make a great Hallo...

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    I sometimes think as a horror writer and someone who has also watched hundreds of horror films, that maybe one becomes desensitised, unable to feel fear from a work of fiction I m often entertained by what I m happy to rate as good horror, and often I m totally disappointed I didn t expect to be disappointed by The Demons of Cambian Street, having already a taste for Cavendish s genre, but a haunted flat could have been a bit, well, flat I suppose.Cavendish is distinctively British it comes out clearly in her style and content, and it s one of the things I like about her writing it is a shame, in my opinion, that for the US market her language gets tweaked, but don t let me make this out to be a bigger issue than it is I just found an incongruous gotten that leapt right out and scared the shit out of me, and I felt that in a British town, a British car might have been allowed a boot rather than something associated here wi...

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    It s been said that if anything goes bump in the night, be very scared indeed That s a lesson that Catherine Cavendish s main character, Stella, has learnt the hard way In true horror fashion the tale unravels slowly with a suspicious chill up the spine here, an unexplained unlocked cupboard there The tension builds as Stella finds her husband behaving out of character with the beautiful barmaid, who is definitely not who she seems Once Stella discovers the truth about the incubus and succubus of Cambian Street from an experienced Wiccan the drama reaches its climax is Stella carrying a demon child, or has her husband planted his seed in a succubus And just who is this demon that s been woken The narrative flows beautifully with hardly a spare word to be found, carrying the reader along in its ebbs and flows of gripping tension, so that when the character screams, the reader will find himself ...

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    OMG, I loved this book It was riveting And so unusual, which is what I love about Catherine Cavendish s fiction It s deliciously creepy and unpredictable And her characters are so real

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    Great story As always, Catherine Cavendish delivers a great gothic tale This time with demons instead of ghosts She delivers a historically and religiously accurate tale of demons and possession while keeping her usual old world flair.

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    I love a good horror story, and Catherine Cavendish s The Demons of Cambian Street did not disappoint This novella grabbed my attention from the first page and kept me on my toes until the very last sentence which, by the way, sent a chill down my spine The story details the terrifying ordeal Stella, who has just recovered from cancer, goes through after moving to the quiet town of Priory St Michael with her husband, Paul The couple moves into a flat above the bar where Paul works, and it is in this flat where Stella notices strange happenings There s something unsettling about the cupboard, not to mention the mysterious laughter she hears at night The stories she learns about the previous tenants fuel her fear and she feels like she s going crazy with each bump in the night I was drawn deep into this story and recommend it to anyone who enjoys the horror paranormal genres It s creepy, well written, and I love how th...

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    Shiver The Demons of Cambian Street by Catherine Cavendish was a chilling read to say the least I won t lie and say that I am a fan of horror in any shape or form, but I am a fan of exceptional story telling and writing.The Demons of Cambian Street was certainly all that an exceptionally well told story that pulled me into its depths Certainly a story that grips the reader and plunges them into a hair raising plot and characters that you can t help but relate to.Stella, is recovering from cancer and has moved to the Prio...

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