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[BOOKS] ⚣ Das Lächeln der Frauen Author Nicolas Barreau –

Das Lächeln der FrauenPar S Y Su Magia Una Cocinera Encantadora Y Su Peque O Restaurante Un Libro Y Su Misterioso Autor.En Par S, De Vez En Cuando, Llueve A C Ntaros Y Sopla El Viento Del Norte Tan Fuerte Que Parece No Haber Resquicio Donde Refugiarse Como Cuando Las Borrascas Llegan Al Coraz N Y No Sabemos C Mo Ni D Nde Esperar A Que Escampe.Para Aur Lie Las Casualidades No Existen Una Tarde, M S Triste Que Nunca, Se Refugia En Una Librer A Y En Un Libro Arrebujada En Sus P Ginas, Aur Lie Reencuentra La Sonrisa Que Cre A Haber Perdido Para Siempre Y Muchas Cosas M S.

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    Aurelie hat mich wirklich in den Wahnsinn getrieben Es gab in meiner Lesevergangenheit wohl selten eine Frau, der ich einen so tollen Mann der sicherlich auch nicht alles richtig, sogar vieles falsch, gemacht hat wie Andr nicht g nne Sie ist herrisch und fordernd und selbstgerecht und unsympathisch Nichtsdestotrotz...

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    While reading many things about The Ingredients of Love made me feel that it s a book that was written to sell rather than to tell a story.Do you know the cute little French love comedy Amelie The Ingredients of Love feel like the wannabe sequel Aurelie , but unfortunately with drama and clich s and much less charm and depth.The Ingredients of Love is a very typical and unmemorable feel good romance The story idea about a fake author is actually funny enough, and as it turns out quite realistic as well since Nicolas Barreau himself seems to be a fake but the characters are just too flat and one dimensional, they most definitely do not leap off the pages and are also very unlikable Heroine Aurelie is a restaurant owner in her 30s, but she behaves like a very immature 20 year old at best She s like a teenie fangirl trying to meet Justin Bieber because he sang a song about her restaurant and to get what she wants, she will basically harass the publisher Her love interest Andre is much less annoying, but also much clich d When he first talks to Aurelie on the phone, he finds her annoying which she is , but once he sees her in person, he realizes that she s a pretty girl and so he starts trying to get in her pants Oh, sorry, I was going to say, h...

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    Pomalo nerealno, ne toliko romanti no koliko sam o ekivala sa prili no mlakim glavnim likovima Imala sam ve a o ekivanja od ove knjige

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