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Carnival of Cryptids The Creatures Of Myth And LegendBigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra These Are The Names Whispered By Villagers And Sailors And Adventurers Around The World They Fill The Imagination With Wonder And Drive Ordinary Men Mad In Their Quest To Tame Them Join The Kindle All Stars As They Set Off In Search Of The Unseen Journey With Them Into The Heart Of Imagination Itself, Where The Jungle Grows Dark And When Something Moves Against You Beneath The Surface Of The Water, You Dare Not Look 8 Brand New StoriesAll Profits Donated To The National Center For Missing And Exploited ChildrenFeaturing Carnival Of Cryptids Pts 1 9 By Bernard Schaffer ABC By Tony Healey Six Gun Dipolomacy By William Vitka Where Is Captain Rook By Jeff Provine The Cage By Simon John Cox The Ogopogo Club By Susan Smith Josephy Oh, My Darling Of The Deep Blue Sea By Doug Glassford The Paring Knife By Matt PosnerFor Lovers Of Cryptozoology, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Sea Monsters, Cryptids, Cryptid Hunters, And

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    Book Info Genre Cryptid short stories horrorReading Level AdultRecommended for fans of cryptid stories, short suspenseful pieces, any of the authors involvedTrigger Warnings murder, killingMy Thoughts This is a really fun book of short stories, all tied together with prologue, epilogue, and segments between the chapters The first couple stories felt Lovecraftian to me there was a steampunk story set in an alternate dimension, and even a parody of a cooking show my favorite of the bunch Not much I can tell you without spoiling things The only problem is there were some nitpicky editing errors, such as canon being used instead of cannon and a man being consistently described as blonde Still, not something the layperson would necessarily pick up on Great bunch of stories for fans of cryptids, or just people who enjoy a well told, short, suspenseful story, and all proceeds go to charity Can t beat that Disclosure I received a free copy of this book in e book format from one of the authors who has a story in this anthology in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.Synopsis The Creatures of Myth and LegendBigfoo...

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    Disclosure I received an ARC for free of this product I always approach anthologies with trepidation If an anthology is remotely worthwhile, it won t be filled with the same sort of story over and over I typically expect a sort of normal distribution of story quality and interest, whether they are by one author playing around with style or a multi author affair where the differences in stories often are even extreme Accordingly, I usually find a few stories I adore, a few that were okay, and a few that just plain annoyed me Surprisingly, that didn t happen to me with this anthology.In Carnival of Cryptids, the unifying concept of the anthology is that each story contains a cryptid in some way A cryptid is a creature that is alleged to exist yet is not recognized to exist by the general zoological community Although in the early days of zoology, this applied to a lot of creatures, advances in technology and science over the years have winnowed most cryptids down into a smaller group of legendary monsters The Loch Ness Monster and Sasquatch Bigfoot are perhaps two of the most well known cryptids.Given the subject matter, it would have been far too easy for the various stories to end up some sort of feeble X Files clones where various mysterious monsters are encountered in roundabout places doing the sort of spooky boo things that people often associate with mysterious creatures of legend It is a testament to the imagination and quality of the ...

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    Carnival of Cryptids , edited by Bernard Schaffer, is a collection of short stories written by a variety of authors to help generate funds for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children All profits from sales of the book will be donated to that worthy organization When you purchase a copy of Carnival of Cryptids , you are helping in the fight to locate and protect children who have been abducted and or sexually abused That fact alone makes this book a significant purchase The excellent stories within are an added bonus for you, for helping in that cause Additionally, you will experience the work of some authors new to you, and may discover a new favorite author to rave about Carnival of Cryptids is substantially than just another anthology Each story is a sample of a different author s work, but what sets this apart from most anthologies is the ongoing nine part narrative set in relevant mini chapters between each story Penned by Bernard Schaffer, this thread connecting the other eight short stories is a brilliant and highly imaginative story in its own right Created to serve as an introduction to each ensuing tale, Schaffer s talent has shone brightly from these pages between the stories In fact, his contribution to this anthology was my favorite story in the whole book Make no mistake the eight short stories are enormously creative and delightfully disturbing Ranging from sheer...

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    All Profits from the sale of this book are Donated to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Cryptid from the Greek krypto meaning hide is a creature or plant whose existence has been suggested but is not yet recognized by scientific consensus Famous examples include the Yeti in the Himalayas, the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland, and Sasquatch in North America.What a psychoticly strange mosh pit of devious creatures This book reminded me of the creepy bedtime stories my aunt used to tell me The bedtime stories where I was wrapped up in a blanket with my ankles locked so tight they got cramped up, only my bugged eyes peaking out of the top of the covers I don t usually read antholigies, but I m glad I made an exception Carnival of Cryptids is comprised of eight short stores from some pretty talented authors Things go bump in the night. something is hiding in the woods. is that a knife And I assure you, you will think twice before you drink that worm in the bottom of that bottle of tequila again My personal favorites were the very first story, Carnival of Cryptids, where s...

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    A cryptid is an imaginary creature This is the second volume of short stories in which all the proceeds go to a most worthwhile cause, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children But never mind that you re doing a good deed by buying and reading this book, what are the stories like Well, they re what I would call substantial commuter stories Substantial because they re not short shorts, they re pretty meaty in ideas and length And they re commuter stories because several of them, if you re a nervous type, you d better not read in bed, but on the train or the bus going to work, when there are guaranteed to be plenty of people around As for meaty , I read the interesting author bios at the back first, and then, since I was there already, and since I know Matt Posner from his YA series School of the Ages about the young Jewish magician, I started with his story The Paring Knife , which is about a kitchen from hell, a TV ...

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    An anthology of 8 stories All of the stories in this collection were good, and I enjoyed reading it My favorites were Carnival of Cryptids and The Paring Knife.ABC the ending was a little bit of a let down.Six Gun Diplomacy Interesting alternate world, and cool squid people Where is Captain Rook I liked the setting in the jungle There was a little twist at the end that I did not expect.The Cage The story of the Yeti is surprisingly touching I enjoyed this very much.The Ogopogo Club I liked the ending I wish there had been of the creature though.Oh My Darling of the Deep Blue Sea Not my favorite Not a lot of action and an ambiguous ending.The Paring Knife This story I loved A pa...

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    Imaginative readThis anthology is strange, weird, funny and flat out fun The authors are all very gifted and have great imaginations I enjoyed all the stories very much but my favorite is Six Gun Diplomacy Very fun and very engaging Will look forward to any other anthologies released.

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    There was a nice variety of stories in this collection that differed sufficiently from each other that there was no chance of getting bored As you would expect, some were better than others but deciding which is which is a purely subjective matter Read the collection and decide for yourself.

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    Interesting conceptsome stories were really good, some just disturbing All in all, a pretty entertaining read.

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