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[ PDF / Epub ] ☉ JSA: The Golden Age (Elseworlds) Author James Robinson –

JSA: The Golden Age (Elseworlds)Some Of The Greatest Heroes Of The 1940s, Including The Original Green Lantern, Atom, Hawkman, Starman And Others Return In This Spectacular Elseworlds Tale The Story Follows Their Postwar Adventures As They Battle Evil In A World They Fear May No Longer Need Them And As Their Importance Wanes, A New Hero, Dynaman, Rallies The Nation Behind His Fascist Agenda.

[ PDF / Epub ] ☉ JSA: The Golden Age (Elseworlds) Author James Robinson –
  • Paperback
  • 199 pages
  • JSA: The Golden Age (Elseworlds)
  • James Robinson
  • English
  • 17 May 2019
  • 9781401207113

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    In the aftermath of World War II, the mystery men have largely retired One of them, Tex Thompson, is now a celebrity with an eye on the White House and is instrumental in the creation of America s newest super hero, Dyna Man But things are not as they seem Can the former super heroes rally to stop the greatest threat to America and the world This one has been on my radar for years since I m a fan of James Robinson and the Justice Society I snapped it up at MightyCon for 5 and it was worth the wait.The Golden Age tells the story of the end of the golden age of super heroes The Justice Society and the All Star Squadron are mostly retired Green Lantern Alan Scott is managing his radio stations Johnny Quick and Liberty Bell have divorced Ted Knight is in a sanitarium Paul Kirk is on the run, suffering from PTSD The Tarantula has written a book about being super hero When Tex Thompson starts making his push and things go down a dark path, the heroes have some difficult choices to make.The tone of this piece is perfect for the time period When the Red Scare is in full effect and communists are allegedly hiding behind every corner, you never know who is on your side The writing hits all the right beats for me, with the paranoid tone and the dark political climate When Alan Scott is brought before the Senate s Unamerican Activities Committee, you know shit has gone wrong in a big way.The Golden Age is definitely a slow burn The villains aren t revealed until near the end and then it s the big beat down Not everyone walks away Starman and Green Lantern step up, and the death blow is dealt by an unexpected character It was one hell of a satisfying read for a rainy Sunday morning.I would give this a five but the artwork seemed over inked and murky and the coloring didn t help matters Also, whose bright idea was it to put the black lettering in Paul Kirk s dialogue on top of maroon so it was almost unreadable It s a shame this was an Elseworlds tale because it would have been a great way to end the saga of the Justice Society Although some of it made it s way into James Robinson s Starman run so it can t be entirely out of continuity Or wasn t before the six or seven reboots since.JSA The Golden Age was a fun, well written read and a must read for fans of the Justice Society Four out of five stars.

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    There are a ton of characters in this thing, and as someone who has never read any golden age DC stuff, it took me a little while to understand who they all were But once I got it, I enjoyed it immensely There are some leaps in logic here and there and a couple of utterly boneheaded mistakes by the villain that no self respecting evil genius would have made, but the thematic and character aspects of the story than make up for those missteps The way Robinson uses post WWII Communist paranoia as a self defeating part of the American mindset is brilliant The twists are borderline ridiculous, but presented with so much earnestness that you can t help but believe them.

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    Highly regarded early 90s series JSA The Golden Age is back in a new deluxe edition It s a saga worth revisiting.This Elseworlds tale picks up shortly after World War II with many costumed heroes abandoning their masked personas for civilian life Tex Thompson, once an unremarkable hero known as Mr America, returns to the US a war hero He embraces red baiting and manipulative populism as his political fortunes rise Tex recruits Dan Dunbar, once a teen sidekick known as Dan the Dyna Mite, to undergo a dramatic transformation into Dyna Man, the vanguard of a government controlled group of heroes Meanwhile, Johnny Chambers Johnny Quick struggles with divorce from Libby Lawrence Liberty Belle and his career as a documentarian Alan Scott Green Lantern runs afoul of the McCarthy hearings because of some of the writers employed at his radio station Ted Knight Starman , tormented in his role in developing the A bomb, retreats to a sanitarium, even as he envisions his greatest invention Around the edges, Paul Kirk Manhunter returns from his own European war stint with fractured memories, even as a mysterious hit squad hunts him Kirk s memories point toward a terrible secret that threatens to detonate the community of heroes.For many fans, The Golden Age remains some of writer James Robinson s best work, a fitting companion to his seminal Starman Robinson remixed the JSA tropes that fans knew well, making the heroes fallible, trouble prone and altogether human Heroes are screwed up wasn t a novel concept even in the early 90s, but Robinson infused his tale with a keen eye for characterization and was careful not to let his characters descend into grotesques Some of them came off a bit nuttier than others Hawkman, especially , but all told, Robinson spun a meditation on the nature of heroism and people willing to put themselves in an extreme situation for the common good Atypical for a dark, alternate world story like this, Robinson actually allowed many of characters that rarest of 90s comic book commodities a happy ending.The great Paul Smith hasn t been very visible in the comics world in a long time, which is a shame His work on The Golden Age was near flawless Smith carefully melded his own well defined style with a retro ethos that met the 1940s era characters on their own terms He gave their looks some interesting tweaks, often re designing costumes to make them just a tad real world believable, while still maintaining their colorful distinction Smith s approach to layouts and page composition was very thoughtful and his lovingly rendered images were the perfect balance of modern and old school Years later and Smith s line work would still hold up against today s top talent Colorist Richard Ory performed some very precise work, giving the images a softer, muted feel that evoked the concept of a sepia wash without losing the dynamics of tone The deluxe printing shows off this team s work to strong effect.If you re a fan of the original or have never had the opportunity to experience this tale before, JSA The Golden Age should be on the reading list of any serious fan of the medium.

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    I ve had this on my kindle for awhile and finally got around to reading it It s a decent self contained story about some of DC s golden age superheroes Not part of the main continuity.

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    Quando eu li pela primeira vez esta miniss rie pela editora Tudo em Quadrinhos, eu li com as revistas com os cadernos, ou a ordem das p ginas, trocadas na gr fica E ainda assim eu gostei Lendo desta vez, no formato correto, eu adorei uma bela homenagem aos her is da Era de Ouro, que hoje pertencem DC Comics, embora originariamente muitos deles pertenceram a outras editoras Ele aborda her is mais conhecidos e mais desconhecidos e nos transporta para uma poca em que a paranoia ainda n o era a ordem do dia, mas que come ava a se fazer presente Em A Era de Ouro, um arquiinimigo se instala entre os super her is fazendo o poss vel para que o nazismo renas a nos Estados Unidos Ao mesmo tempo, aos poucos, os her is se tornam conscientes desses movimentos e v o produzindo um contra ataque para a ascens o nazista no cora o do governo estadunidense A Era de Ouro n o s uma homenagem hist ria dos quadrinhos de super her is, mas uma homenagem pr pria hist ria dos Estados Unidos, seja nos textos de James Robinson, seja na arte do prod gio Paul Smith, que emula a est tica da poca Um belo trabalho que todo leitor interessado pela hist ria dos comics deveria ler.

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    The best Coda to WW2 Superheroes Robinson Paul Smith and company created the most realistic take on what Happens to the World s greatest heroes when they don t need them any How do you fit in the next Era As the tears go by it s harder to identify the new faces of Evil A brilliant story that bridges the gap between the 40s and 60s DC heroes

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    James Robinson s and Paul Smith s Elseworlds tale involving JSA and the heroes of the Golden Age is a well told tale and successfully reflects the post WWII era in a fascinating manner Robinson is a good writer and Smith is delivering some of his finest work in this volume.However, while I enjoyed the story, I could not help feeling, on than one occasion, that I was somehow reading a Watchmen light Several of the themes that seems to interest Robinson as a writer, are themes that Moore covered, and then both eloqyently and in depth, in Watchmen This, by no means nullifies the qualities and values found in The Golden Age, but together with some developments towards the end that concerns the major villains of the piece and, in my opinion, borders on the rather absurd at least in the way it s handled which is too easily, especially for the nature of the story as a whole, and therefore also something of a cop out , this lessens the impact of the story considerable.Still, do not get me wrong This was an enjoyable read and I will be checking out of Robinson s oeuvre in the future And as stated above, it definitely showcases some of Paul Smith s finest work, which in itself makes it worthwhile.

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    A good graphic novel that could have been better It s excellent as a period piece Watchmen meets post WWII Americana but it s marred by a multitude of unsympathetic point of view characters and way too much head hopping between them As a result the narrative through line in the first half of the book is really weak The reveal of the villain s is a nice, satisfying a ha moment to anyone versed in Golden Age lore, and the final battle is a gripping slam fest in the best comic book fashion.The biggest red mark against the book is an odd decision about coloring Each character has narrative thought boxes in different colors This works fine, except in the case of Manhunter His narrative boxes are crucial to the overall story, and yet they re depicted in black ink on a dark maroon background I literally had to shine a flashlight on his pages to read the text How did no one notice this in the production process

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    Prvn polovina je skv l Sledujeme padek supr k po v lce a jejich ne vyrovn v n se s novou spole nost V z v ru to bohu el nab r pln jin sm r, ale p esto tohle DCKK stoj za to.

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    Baita exposi o de um per odo da hist ria dos quadrinhos atrav s de um vi s pol tico.

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