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!!> PDF / Epub ✅ The Reluctant Vampire ❤ Author Eric Morecambe –

The Reluctant VampireA Shocking Announcement From The Vampire Prince That He Doesn T Like Blood But Prefers Chips And A Glass Of Red Wine Begins A Tale Of Ghoulish Intrigue And Hilarious Horror With Illustrations By Tony Ross, This Re Issue Is Sure To Delight.A Tale About An Extremely Unconventional Vampire This Tale Of Laughter And Ghoulish Horror For Seven And Eight Year Olds Is Sure To Delight Here, Eric Morecambe S Customary Humour Is Employed For A Young Audience.

!!> PDF / Epub ✅ The Reluctant Vampire ❤ Author Eric Morecambe –
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • The Reluctant Vampire
  • Eric Morecambe
  • 18 December 2019
  • 9780416458107

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    The bat fell off Victor s shoulders in a deep sleep Victor caught it in the toe of his Italian, hand made shoes just before it hit the ground He continued as if nothing had happened Do you remember Mayor Goop off Katchem The white faced Doctor nodded Did you ever vonder vot became off him Once again the Doctor nodded and gulped Vell, vould you like to take him off mine shoe ant put him on mine shoulder Welcome to Katchem by the Throat in the country of Gotcha Vampires still rule with an iron fist, have a werewolf best friend called Wilf or Vilf if you speak to King Victor and have an entourage of human slaves.Doctor Plump has been called to cure the prince of the vapours Young Valentine is very sick, and there is only one doctor that can cure him As everyone knows, a Vampire with the vapours is almost as bad as Frankenstein s monster with a screw loose his head falls off These vapours are the plague of the vampire species, and King Victor will have his son cured, no matter what Doctor Plump has to say about it Mine dear Doctor If you do not cure mine younkest son, the baby of mine family, if you do not cure him then I m afraid you vill cure no von else, ever again I repeat, if you do not cure him ant restore him back to normal health, thhen I m afraid I shall have ...

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    Cute story I love the puns I do wish the illustrations had been larger they are a good addition to this book.

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    Here s a funny story when I was about 10 years old, my mother bought me the second part of this series used I don t even remember why, only that I liked it a lot and kept wondering why all the vampires were good It took me 14 years to find, get, and read this.CONTENTSince I bought the matching German edition I m sure the names were somewhat altered So there s this town, ruled by Vampires, and their youngest son, Valentin does not like blood at all He sets out on an adventure, when he finds out, that he can actually stay in the sun safely Then there s Vernon, his evil brother, who wants to become king.SOMETHING OVERALLThe book is quite old, but none the less funny to read Since it s about vampires it does not feel outdated, and horse drawn carts and castles fit as well as 40 years ago.It bothered me somehow, that the Vampires were not evil enough They were great as characters, they just did not fit my imagination of this species.STYLE OF WRITINGSometimes a bit chunky in the translation, but I was pleasantly surprised, the translation worked so well There were a lot of word plays and while I can t be sure everyone made it to the German version, the ones that did worked well and got me smiling sometimes not my type of humour mostly, but well done nonetheless.CHARACTERSIn my opinion the Vampires were very human Apart from Vernon, who s straight out e...

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    I loved this book from the very beginning and my delight with it only grew as the page numbers progressed This is a book for those who love silly, slapstick humour and characters that warm your heart One of the things I enjoyed about this story was that the vampires were so typical of the old movie style monsters that have made the image what it is No one sparkled Nice change This was such a fun experience and now that I know there are books in the series I am greatly looking forward to reading them and seeing what else this author has in store for his readers I also loved Igon There are some wonderful characters in this story that you will remember after you have finished it I m not usually one for humour books...

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    Re read this with my son 6 after enjoying it on loan from Southport library over thirty years ago It s pretty laboured but you can ham it up quite enjoyably unlike Morecambe s heir, David Walliams.

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    I received this ebook from NetGalley in exchange for review.This is a fun, quick novella about a family of vampires that rule over the town of Gotcha Their son, Valentine, was raised as a vampire, but doesn t feel that he fits in with is blood sucking family, and wants to escape to live a normal life This story chronicles his journey, and the consequences of h...

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    This is a really funny story that will certainly appeal to children who are independent readers It is written in chapters, each with a rhyming couplet as the chapter s title The story concerns our the vampires King Victor and Queen Valeeta and the royal princes their son Prince Vernon and their adopted son, Prince Valentine From the very first chapter the scenes and characters are portrayed with great descriptions and plenty of humour It is al...

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    I quite enjoyed this I m not sure it was quite funny enough to be a properly comic novel or had enough plot, but it was perfectly enjoyable whilst it lasted Perhaps it works better read aloud It felt very male so perhaps it would work better for younger boys rather than an adult woman wi...

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    From the first page to the last you are pulled in You will find yourself laughing out loud at some of the humor in this book Younger audience will love this as well as an older one I was given this book in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley.

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    A great premise that should have led to a cute fun story, but the writing is just too scattered The humor is inconsistent never quite humorous enough It was a chore to read confusing to try to follow.

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