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➷ Chase Baker and the Golden Condor (Chase Baker #2) Free ➭ Author Vincent Zandri –

Chase Baker and the Golden Condor (Chase Baker #2) The Action Never Wanes Fort Lauderdale Sun SentinalChase Baker, The Renaissance Man, Is Back In A Sexy, Thrilling Action Adventure From NEW YORK TIMES And USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Vincent Zandri.Chase, Seeking Inspiration For A New Book, And A Big Pay Off, Stumbles Into The Opportunity Of A Lifetime To Use His PI And Archeological Sandhogging Skills To Seek Out An Aircraft Hidden Deep In A Remote Part Of The Jungle But The Aircraft In Question Isn T Any Old Airplane Legend Claims It S An Ancient Flying Machine Called The Golden Condor An Intergalactic Spaceship Delivered To The Incans By Aliens Than A Thousand Years Ago.There S A Catch, Of Course Hostile Tribal Natives, In Collaboration With A Band Of Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Terrorists, Will Stop At Nothing To Murder Chase, His Team Of Explorers, And His Beautiful Literary Agent, Before They Reach The Condor And If The Terrorists Don T Kill Them, Then The Writhing, Creeping Jungle Almost Certainly Will.But In Typical Chase Baker Style, Once He Sets His Sights On The Prize, Nothing Will Stand In His Way They Are Embarking On A Mission That, If It Succeeds, Will Change The Way Historians View The Ancient Incan Civilization And Alter Society S Beliefs About Early Man And The Heavens Above.Readers Of Dan Brown, Clive Cussler, And JR Rain, Will Find Chase Baker S Adventures Well Worth Every Minute, According To SUSPENSE MAGAZINE.Be Sure To Also Read THE SHROUD KEY A Chase Baker Thriller BEST POTBOILER NOVEL For 2013 By CrimeFictionBook BlogTHE NO 1 BESTSELLER IN OCCULT THE NO 1 BESTSELLER IN INTERNATIONAL CRIME AND MYSTERY If You Put Zandri And Dan Brown In A Dark Cairo Back Alley, I D Put Money On Zandri He Went To Cairo In The Middle Of The Arab Spring Against The Explicit Wishes Of The U.S State Department , Gathered Materials For The Book While Tahrir Square Rioted The Shroud Key Is Page Turning Fun For Popcorn Munchers Ben Sobieck, CrimeFictionBook Blog Zandri Has Brought Back That Wonderful Quest Story THE SHROUD KEY Is Well Worth Every Minute SUSPENSE MAGAZINE SensationalMasterfulBrilliant New York Post Gritty, Fast Paced, Lyrical And Haunting Harlan Coben, Bestselling Author Of Six Years Tough, Stylish, Heartbreaking Don Winslow, Bestselling Author Of Savages Non Stop Action I Love A Mystery Vincent Zandri Nails Reader S Attention Boston Herald

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    Chase Baker and the Golden CondorChase Baker Thriller Series, Book 2By Vincent ZandriNarrated by Andrew B WehrlenWhat an exciting series Indiana Jones move over Chase Baker and his agent, along with a team set out to find an ancient flying machine I mean ancient as in Inca times or later Is it from aliens Does it really exist It shows up on Inca markings and stories are told of it and rud about it but does it really exist The man who sent them, his father went searching for it over 40 years ago and never came back so it is a very dangerous mission Chase is all about the danger Danger is what they face Lots of adventure, excitement, suspense, and so much Never dull Fast paced, and exciting situations, interesting characters, and lots of twists and turns A touch of the supernatural thrown in for good measure Just like Indiana Jones Great fun The narrator is an absolute dream The perfect voice for this book You can feel the excitement in his voice, the suspen...

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    Another very entertaining, fun and enjoyable addition to the series Even though it s a shorter book, it doesn t feel like it Definitely an unusual and intriguing story Interesting plot Plenty of mystery and suspense with some very unexpected twists turns The wit and sarcasm just add to the overall enjoyment of the story Andrew B Wehrlen did a fantastic job with the narration as usual Pleasant voice, easy to listen to for long periods of time Perfect for narrating books Great character voices Delivery of the sarcasm was perfect Clearly spoken with a nice even pace He pulls you into the story and transplan...

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    Seems like a copycat of the Indiana Jones or Romancing the Stone stories but sex and less plot and character development It has plenty of gratuitous violence and grisly death Chase Baker, the Man in the Yellow Hat, adventurer and writer, is the Indiana Jones character in this book He s hired by an old sick man to find the extraterrestrial ship the golden condor his father found in the Andes not far from Machu Picchu And since Chase s Cuban cigar manages to burn down his agent s building while t...

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    More Chase Baker as he and his literary agent head off to Peru in the hunt for a cave and a supposed golden spaceship Accompanied by a cameraman and an ex Navy Seal supplied by his employer, a rich collector of antique planes and the son of a flyer who crashed in the area in 1939 while on a survey mission As usual all is not as it seems and they are beset by natives and terrorists before reaching the cave where surprises await Chase does manage to get another book out of the trip and it s...

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    An Adventure to the Unknown The action is unrelenting as Chase seeks a golden spacecraft over 1000 years old The characters are unique and the suspense never lets up, as Chase and his party battle the jungle, natives, rebels and a shadowy criminal boss It is an ...

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    Audiobook I was making my way backwards through the series and this was definitely sexier in an unexpected way Clearly, it was written eloquently or discreetly or tactfully in other books The plot and world building lacked as Chase was busier getting busy I don t think...

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    Chase Baker and the Golden Condos 2 This story was just a bit different in that it s a mystery and si Fi at the same time The story starts as an adventure then turns into a mystery then the sci fi starts The author has quite an imagination that calls up a really good story.

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    This is the second in a series and I flew through it which surprised me as I struggled with the first This was a shorter book by about 50ish pages if i remember correctly so it may have been that though the plot on this seemed tighter than the first.

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    Exciting thrilling and believableGet a great job of defining his experiences and hunting for antiquities The action drama and excitement is a real page turner and the ending is so unique

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    Simplistic Will not tax your brain Requires suspension of reality Have no desire to read book 1 or any future editions.

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