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Read ✓ Turning Up the Heat (Sweet Temptation, #2) By Ashley Lister –

Turning Up the Heat (Sweet Temptation, #2) The Second Book In The Passionate Sweet Temptation Trilogy Bill And Trudy S Tempestuous Relationship Veers From Hurling Insults In The Kitchen To Intense Passion In The Bedroom The Love Hate Rollercoaster Is Made Worse By A New Revelation Bill Also Has An Ex Wife Whom He Neglected To Mention To Throw Oil Onto The Flames Donny Is Back And Determined Than Ever To Hammer A Wedge Between The Couple And Ruin Their Business.

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    3.5 starsABOUT THE BOOK Release Date October 30, 2014The second book in the passionate Sweet Temptation trilogy.Bill and Trudy s tempestuous relationship veers from hurling insults in the kitchen to intense passion in the bedroom The love hate rollercoaster is made worse by a new revelation Bill also has an ex wife whom he neglected to mention To throw oil onto the flames Donny is back and determined than ever to hammer a wedge between the couple and ruin their business 3.5 stars REVIEW TURNING UP THE HEAT is the second installment in Ashley Lister s adult, contemporary Sweet Temptation erotic romance trilogy focusing on renowned chef and restaurant owner Bill Hart and baking entrepreneur Trudy Cole Because it is the second of three installments TURNING UP THE HEAT should not be read as a stand alone there is important information that has been revealed in book one A Taste of Passion As it pertains to the erotic element, there are several scenes of bondage and discipline sometimes as punishment, but always with love.The premise follows Bill and Trudy s building ...

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    Bill and Trudy have chemistry I mean the sparks they ignite in a kitchen they cook so well in well even a cold turkey can feel those Bill and Trudy are both busy people, with extremely busy lives They have agreed see book 1 in the Sweet Temptation series A TASTE OF PASSION if you have not read it already This book makes sense to read that first, though it is not necessary to be honest, exclusive, and make time for one another Bill is gone for part of the week with other obligations, so Trudy is left to run the restaurant they share being chef in She is approached to start being pubic and lands a coveted spot as a weekly interview on the radio, then weekly column, then TV cooking show judge all in a quick time frame She is already busy with her being chef part of the week, part owner in a store, and time with Bill.Time does not seem to be a problem except where she confides in Bill and then suddenly he hits her with a surprise and BAM Cliffhanger Now, I love a good book series as much as the next reader ...

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    Turning Up the Heat by Ashley Lister Love reading series books Turning Up the Heat by Ashley Lister is the second book of the Sweet Temptation Trilogy This story is full of twists and turns Will keep you guessing.

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    Very repetitive dialogue I got bored about 30% in and gave up.

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