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[Ebook] ➦ The Mask of Sanity Author Hervey M. Cleckley –

The Mask of Sanity2015 Reprint Of 1950 Edition Full Facsimile Of The Original Edition Not Reproduced With Optical Recognition Software This Classic Account Of The Psychopathic Personality Was First Published In 1941 We Reprint Herein The Expanded Second Edition Of 1950.Cleckley Describes Clinical Interviews With Patients In A Locked Institution The Text Is Considered To Be A Seminal Work And The Most Influential Clinical Description Of Psychopathology In The Twentieth Century The Basic Elements Of Psychopathology Outlined By Cleckley Are Still Relevant Today.The Title Refers To The Normal Mask That Conceals The Mental Disorder Of The Psychopathic Person According To Cleckley S Conceptualization Cleckley Describes The Psychopathic Person As Outwardly A Perfect Mimic Of A Normally Functioning Person, Able To Mask Or Disguise The Fundamental Lack Of Internal Personality Structure, An Internal Chaos That Results In Repeatedly Purposeful Destructive Behavior, Often Self Destructive Than Destructive To Others Despite The Seemingly Sincere, Intelligent, Even Charming External Presentation, Internally The Psychopathic Person Does Not Have The Ability To Experience Genuine Emotions.Cleckley Questions Whether This Mask Of Sanity Is Voluntarily Assumed To Intentionally Hide The Lack Of Internal Structure, But Concludes It Hides A Serious, But Yet Imprecisely Unidentified, Semantic Neuropsychiatric Defect.

[Ebook] ➦ The Mask of Sanity Author Hervey M. Cleckley –
  • Paperback
  • 570 pages
  • The Mask of Sanity
  • Hervey M. Cleckley
  • English
  • 20 February 2019
  • 9781614277828

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    I wanted to read Hervey Cleckley s The Mask of Sanity because it is referenced in other psychopathology books as the leader of psychopathology for its time Robert D Hare s Without Conscience, a book on psychopaths I ve read a few times, references it and I thought I would check it out To be clear, I read the fourth 1964 edition I found this book fascinating for probably all the wrong reasons.To put this book in its proper perspective, the bulk of the book research and writing was done in 1941 This is before the Second World War, before Elvis, the Beatles, and essentially television People still had servants those who could afford them and families of distinction could trace their histories back to colonial times the patient s remote antecedents had lived in or about Charleston, SC, in colonial times They had never been famous for wealth but in the Revolutionary War, as well as the in the War Between the States 101 Women, for the most part, were expected to get married and have children Men had jobs People still drank highballs it s a cocktail of some sort and it s mentioned surprisingly frequently in...

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    A classic study of psychopaths with numerous case studies, defining characteristics of psychopaths, glib superficial charm, manipulative, little or no emotional bonds, criminal behavior, failure to learn from experience, pathological lying, violent behavior, injudicious hedonism, lack of fear or remorse The signs that many are familiar The doctor distinguishes this from the type of madness of schizophrenia which is driven by hallucination and de...

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    Phew THANK FUCK FOR THAT, EVERYBODY I ve been reading this for research for a story Perhaps fortuitously I picked the toughest book I needed to read for this research That means I ll be able to plough through the rest by the end of the month in time to get back to editing the story throughout October in time to start a new story for NaNoWriMo November We re on schedule, everybody Pfffft not like you ll get to see anything I m writing until someone publishes it, but, sorry folks, that part of the process is out of my hands I m holding my end up, he said.Oh, what do I think of this I understand the need to include so many case studies, but as Cleckley openly acknowledges, psychopaths are utter dickheads The problem here is that, as it turns out, everyone is happy in their own way, and unhappy people are all unhappy in the same way Isn t that interesting That s something I honestly believe.Side note sorry, but I wish you d stop writing about your depression for other people By all means journal your way to good mental health again, but that s it Write it off While once the material of this book was important clinical evidence, hearing different unhappy people be unhappy in the exact same way again and again and again becomes hypnotically bleak, and that s all That s just what I think That s why you re reading this, right Anyways, the boo...

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    Cleckley s book is out of print, so I read a pdf version of a scanned copy made available at this online essay is informative if you can handle ignore the New Age Twilight Zone stuff at the end.Cleckley provides detailed case histories of psychopaths incredible reading if you are interested in stories of dysfunctional people families.Medical discussions in Cleckley s book are fascinating from an historical viewpoint obviously info is dated.Consider a spectrum of anxiety, with the psychoneurotic at one endpoint and the psychopath at the other People who suffer from personality disorders which cause them to be anxious, restless, unhappy, and obsessed with thoughts they themselves recognize as absurd but who are, in the lay sense, altogether sane have for years been classed as psychoneurotic They recognize reason in general, often admit that their symptoms arise from emotional conflicts, and are free from delusions and hallucinationsThey are often resistant to reasoning but in the sense of a person with strong prejudices than of one with delusions or with intellectual dilapidation...

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    Cleckley scatters through this book constant fascinating anecdotes and remarks, some so outrageous or remarkable that one would assume he made them up if he were writing on some other topic.Cleckley s moralizing and occasional very old fashioned comments are occasionally as interesting, and reading him in 2012, one feels very strongly just how distant in a social s sense we are from him in the 1940s and earlier when he writes of miscegenation I wonder how many teenagers now could tell you what sexual miscegenation is , when he defends homosexuals as possibly not insane but sometimes even decent people, or when he speaks in horror of female psychopaths not guarding their virginity, or in a half page fulminating against the hippies, or when he speculates that a healthy male adult might after several years stranded ...

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    An immensely useful read for those interested in psychopathy, particularly if you are were a Psychology Psychiatry Criminology student Keep in mind that it was originally published in 1941, and you will have to sit through an entire chapter which calls homosexuality a mental disorder Barring that, this book is one of the cardinal works on psychopathy, from a pioneer in the field, and it contains tens of detailed cases and clinical considerations from a practitioner who belie...

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    Cleckley can write about all the myriad ways circumscribed to scrubbing toilet bowls while somaticizing such tribulations through delineating the less than perfunctory actions required to achieve such immaculate results and still find himself amenable e...

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    Hervey Cleckley is regarded as the father of the field of psychopathy studies His first book was published in 1941, and this version of the book is his 1975 revised edition He died in 1984, and the last edition of this book came out in 1888 It is a fascinating read, but it does require dedication to one s purpose to see it through to the end Mr Cleckley s writing style is to be commended, but he is nonetheless writing from a medical stand point, and the average lay person must focus carefully on the text in order to fully learn from it For any author considering creation of psychopathic characters, this book is a must read The case studies alone will be of invaluable aid to accuracy Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of this book is in its latter portions, where Mr Cleckley observes the character of the psychopath in history and in literature We can all ...

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    I just remembered this book from way back I think I must have read this one sometime in the late 1970 s or early 1980 s It is very hard sledding being a textbook written I believe in the 1940 s I took nearly a year to read it I was doing other reading also, but largely it was my intent to read this slowly and to absorb it thoroughly I was spurred into this by hearing Dr Laura oh y...

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    An amazingly outdated yet completely fascinating description of the modern psychopath With tons of actual case studies, you will not believe what you read here Truth is stranger than fiction It s hard to find, and you have to slog through parts, but it is worth it.

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