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➶ Red Star Tattoo Free ➬ Author Sonja Larsen –

Red Star Tattoo From Hardscrabble Milwaukee To Dreamy Hawaii, From Turbulent Montreal To Free Spirited California, Red Star Tattoo Is Sonja Larsen S Unforgettable Memoir Of A Young Life Spent On The Move By The Age Of 16, Sonja Joins A Cult Like Communist Organization In Brooklyn Unaware Of The Dark Nature Of What Awaits Her.A Small, Skinny 8 Year Old Girl Holding A Teddy Bear Stands By The Side Of A Country Road With A Young Man She Barely Knows They Re Hitchhiking From A Commune In Quebec To One In California It Is 1973 And Somehow The Girl S Parents Think This Is A Good Idea Sonja Larsen S Is A Childhood In Which Family Members Come And Go And Where Freedom Is Both A Gift And A Burden Her Mother, Thrown Out Of Home As A Pregnant Teenager By Her Evangelical Preacher Father, Is Drawn To The Utopian Ideals And Radical Politics Of Communism Her Aunt Suzie Is Gripped By Schizophrenia, Her Behaviour So Erratic She Eventually Loses Custody Of Her Daughter And Then There Is Her Cousin Dana, Shunted Back And Forth Long Distance Between Her Parents Dana, Whose Own Need To Escape Leads To Tragedy Looking For A Sense Of Family, Searching To Belong, To Have Your Life Mean Something This Is What All These Girls And Young Women Share As A Teenager, Larsen Moves To Brooklyn, Embedding Herself With An Organization Known Publicly As The National Labor Federation And Privately As The Communist Party USA Provisional Wing Over Her Three Years At The Organization S National Headquarters, Larsen Works Sixteen Hour Day, Eager To Prove Herself Noticed And Encouraged By The Old Man, The Organization S Charismatic Leader, He Makes Her One Of His Special Girls, As Well As The Youngest Member Of The Organization S Militia And Part Of Its Inner Circle But Even As She And Her Comrades Count Down The Days On The Calendar Until The Dawning Of Their New American Revolution, Larsen S Doubts About The Cause And The Old Man Become Increasingly Difficult To Ignore Red Star Tattoo Explores The Seductions And Dangers Of Extremism, And Asks What It Takes To Survive A Childhood Scarred By Loss, Abuse And The Sometimes Violent Struggle For Belonging.

➶ Red Star Tattoo  Free ➬ Author Sonja Larsen –
  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Red Star Tattoo
  • Sonja Larsen
  • 06 February 2018
  • 9780345815279

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    How is truth defined I wrote this down I put a star beside this I underlined this I traced the ink lines of my words on the page When I first went to Brooklyn, I wanted the red star tattoo that some of the old timers like Rena had Sitting in the classroom I wanted it than ever I wanted some proof of where I d been, proof it all happened If not the truth, then at least this Evidence A testament to my faith, a scar to remember it by Red Star Tattoo is an incredible and fascinating memoir of a childhood lived within the counterculture from commune to cadre Written in a clear and thoughtful voice, and with obvious affection for the parents who messed her up, author Sonja Larsen has produced a compelling life story When Larsen was a little girl in the late Sixties, her hippy parents moved her and her big sister from state to state in search of a utopian lifestyle, eventually settling down on a commune outside Montreal When she was eight, Larsen s parents decided to move once again, to Northern California, and as everyone knows that having a child along while hitchhiking makes the cars stop sooner, they allowed a twenty something drifter to take their daughter on the road with him to their new home This kind of laissez faire paren...

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    SL takes what could be described as an unorthodox, harrowing childhood and turns it into an off Broadway musical Born into the counterculture, her resilience and inquisitive nature led her to challenge life rather t...

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    A heartbreaking memoir written by my cool af neighbour Growing up in a commune think unstable, not idyllic , hitchhiking from Montreal to SF at 8 years of age with some random dude her dad said something like, wow, look at all the choices you have at your age , molested by her mother s boyfriend and then her best friend murdered As a young teen, she moves to Crown Heights in Brooklyn to a communist revolutionary group aka cult led by the Old Man After 3 year...

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    DNF I read about 100 pages This was sent to me from Penguin Random House Canada.I picked this book because I thought it could be interesting and I really enjoy memoirs and reading about topics on mental illness and how bazar someone s life can be but I found this dull and boring.It doesn t help that the author is completely unknown I looked her up I don t know who she is or what else would make her interesting other than her unstable and unconventional and sad childhood I have a lot of stories is written as part of her bio on her website and maybe a novel would have been interesting to me because of her life experience I would have liked of an explanation at the beginning of the book I felt quite lost while read it and I found the writing needed a little work or another edit This memoir included black a...

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    3.5 stars It started off a little confusing disjointed and uneven, but once it settled into the story of the author s teen years spent as a revolutionary it found its stride A fascinating look into a branch of the Communist Party during the 80s, from the point of a view of a young girl who lived it Son...

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    A head shaking story what type of parent allows their 8 yo child to go hitchhiking across Canada without them And yet, her parents did And that was just the start for this autobiography Her parents joined a commune, then her mother left for the US, became a communist and followed a cult leader But her mother rose nowhere near as far in the organization as Sonja did, by joining the main office and becoming a lover of The Old Man She was 16 or so when she went there for God s sake And, for all those following his every word, he was a wretched soul, definitely a cult leader, counting down the days until the revolution He may have been the one to pull the plug on the day of the revolution, first nothing, then a police raid And the wondrous leader He got into the dumb waiter shaft Showing there is a God, it couldn t supp...

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    CN discusses sexual assault, childhood sexual assault, cults, abuseThis book was engaging and easy to read I found it hard to put down, and ate through it incredibly quickly Larsen s prose flowed easily, and felt almost conversational at times My one issue with the book was that I felt like I could have used a little depth to it I m not entirely sure what I m asking for here, but despite the heavy subject matter, I did find that I could have used a little introspection in the book I also found that Larsen s narrative jumped around a bit, and I would have liked context Larsen does do an impressive job of discussing trauma without making her book too difficult to read I think it is still potentially triggeri...

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    This book wasn t what I expected from the jacket so I m glad I gave it a chance I had expected a memoir based on youthful self righteousness, which would have been off putting This wasn t the case and made me rethink the type of people who join cult movements The author was yearning for a sense of purpose and belonging, excited about being part of a greater cause and clinging to this cause even as she began to observe the dark truth behind it all She is a keen observer of her own pyschology and has an astute self awareness that is surprising for someone with her history e.g high school drop out, few role models I admire this ability to examine one s own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and judgements in such an honest and insightful way Which makes this an ef...

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    43 Red Star Tattoo my Life as a Girl Revolutionary by Sonya LarsenThe author states that to have an interesting memoir you have to have a screwed up family She most certainly did, parents who were into communes until they divorced Then she commuted between her parents in California and Montreal until deciding to join a cell of the...

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    Humans..oh humans We are not born to be revolutionaries, or christians, or racists, or catholics etc We are RAISED to be those things Essentially by a form of brainwashing..raised to be..for the most part..what we will become, by parents or extended family or peers or or or.Yep yep yep..The good part of human that once a hum...

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