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[Download] ✤ Red Gold (A Gabe McKenna Mystery Book 1) By Robert D. Kidera –

Red Gold (A Gabe McKenna Mystery Book 1) Author Robert D Kidera Owes Me Big Time His Debut Novel In The Promised McKenna Mystery Series, Red Gold, Kept Me Up All Night Who Can Resist A Good Old Fashioned Treasure Hunt Red Gold Is A Thriller Packed With Deceit And Danger But Also Compassion McKenna Is A Damaged Hero, But Also One To Root For Vincent Zandri, New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Author Of Everything Burns, The Remains, And The Shroud Key If You Re Going Through Hell, Keep Going Shaken By The Death Of His Beloved Wife And Wrestling With Powerful Personal Demons, Professor Gabriel McKenna Leaves New York City For New Mexico To Claim An Inheritance From Mysterious Distant Relatives He Finds Something Other Than A Land Of Enchantment.Unseen Enemies Threaten His Life Old Friends Turn Up And Rally To His Side Together They Plunge Into A Lethal Struggle For A 19th Century Treasure, The Fabled Lost Adams Gold McKenna Enters A World Of Violence, Passion, Sexual Abuse, Deceit, And Death That Cause Him To Question His Core Beliefs And Values, And Even His Sense Of Self Desperate To Find A Way Home, McKenna Must First Unearth The Secret Of An Old Family Manuscript And Risk His Life Against Overpowering Odds He Must Rekindle His Long Dead Fighting Spirit And Discover New Reasons To Live And Love If You Enjoy First Class Suspense And An Author With A Unique Voice And Style, Then You Will Love Red Gold This Novel Is A Masterful Blend Of Mystery, Action, And Love Story, All Wrapped Up In A Wonderful Cast Of Characters And Beautifully Described Scenes Of New Mexico Robert Kidera S First Novel Is A Real Treat That Will Have Readers Demanding Joseph Badal, Award Winning Author Of The Danforth Saga And Ultimate Betrayal Red Gold Earned The Tony Hillerman Award As Best Fiction Of 2015 At The New Mexico Arizona Book Awards It Was Also Named As Best Mystery Of 2015 And The Best EBook Of The Year.

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    Gabriel McKenna is grieving the loss of his wife and marinating in a sea of liquid gold, but nothing can prepare him for the surprise that awaits him in New Mexico It s easy to appreciate the history, the setting and the characters, especially for Albuquerque residents As we follow Gabriel through a helter skelter of incidents, a threatening white envelope on the windshield of his car and a Pueblo Revival style house he can now call his own, there is always that inescapable feeling of tension that kept me riveted Kidera s writing is first rate and keeps at a consistent pace From the development of Gabriel s character and to his dry sense of humor, I enjoyed everything about him He s human, likeable, and will resonate with a multitude of readers If you like a book that will keep you turning the pages and makes you shiver with anticipation, then this is just the ticket.

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    I received this as a free e book, so I feel I can t complain too much I would only read another book in this series to see if the writing improves So, yeah I probably won t be reading another book in the series.The protagonists were ridiculously easy to identify The main character was ridiculously reckless and, frankly, stupid In spite of multiple admonitions not to trust anyone, he gladly tells his story to just about everyone he meets and brings them into his inner circle And mind you, with the exception of C.J who he hasn t seen in many years , he just met all of these people on his arrival in New Mexico I went with biggest idiot on the planet because the other choice was trusting fool.There s almost no character development, and the path of the story is too easy to spot for this to be a really good book Nevertheless, I read the entire thing and didn t feel like it was too much of a slog, even if I was mentally berating myself the entire time because I knew how it would end.

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    The first in this series brings Gabe McKenna to Albuquerque from New York after his aunt s death to learn that, as her only living relative, he inherited her house in Albuquerque and a property in Catron county But it s a book by his great grandfather called Red Gold, about the Lost Adams gold His search for both the property and the gold is fraught with death and intrigue Luckily he finds old and new friends to help in his search I enjoyed this, partly because I know the places Gabe visits I ll definitely read in the series.

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    MehIt s hard to provide a review of this book without spoilers The setting and descriptions of the landscape and culture were interesting The main character was ridiculously reckless and put others in danger to meet his own ends The relationships were poorly developed and unrealistic Still, although I rolled my eyes a lot, I read the whole thing and it got me thru some boring wait times.

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    Gabe McKenna is a throwback to the noir detectives hard drinking, prone to getting into jams, gun toting hard boiled guy who acts like he has nothing to lose He is a widowed retired history professor who comes into a sizeable inheritance in Albuquerque and lands in the middle of a dispute over a lost treasure Very entertaining Carefully crafted story.

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    This was a pretty good story I ll check out what the next book holds in store for Gabe.

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    An exciting rollercoaster ride with a romantic tint This book is a well written mystery that is action packed and full of twists and turns It s an interesting mix of old school mystery detective novels with modern touches The main character is a flawed man who is dealing with grief in the wrong way, but he gets on the right track by the end of the story You have to like history and it helps to have a little knowledge about the old West and gold prospecting I enjoyed it so much that it was impossible to put down at times A great must read for mystery and or detective novel lovers

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    Keeping you in suspense An excellent read with several unforeseen twists at one point I couldn t figure out who the main character could trust The characters are realistic, the main character flawed yet human, the writing is pithy and yet eloquent Definitely recommended and I am about the download the next in the series

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    Liked character development of Gabe McKenna Represents a protagonist with diverse background and one who sometimes makes the wrong decision Having spent some time in New Mexico, I enjoyed the depiction of the area and the reference to specific points in the state Looking forward to reading book 2 in the series.

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    Great storyAs others have commented, it s a page turner Finished it in two sittings Kidera brought all of his characters to life and kept them moving Will probably be reading of his work.

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