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[PDF / Epub] ✅ Walking Shadows ⚣ Tim Read –

Walking Shadows There Are Certain Unusual Mental States That Have Such An Extraordinary Intensity, That They Are Numinous They Hold A Sense Of The Sacred, They Involve The Presence Of An Archetype These States Can Be Beautiful Or Utterly Terrifying, They Can Predispose To Illness But If Carefully Negotiated They Carry Enormous Potential For Accelerated Development This Book Is About These High Intensity Mental States As Found In The Psychiatric Emergency Room, In Everyday Life, In Psychotherapy And In Spiritual Practice How Can We Understand This Archetypal Layer Of Psyche And How Can We Work With Its Power To Promote Psycho Spiritual Growth The Author Weaves The Archetypal Perspective Into The Psychoanalytic And Medical Models Of Mind To Show Us How The Different Layers Of The Individual And Collective Psyche Intertwine To Give Us Our Rich Experience Of Being Human.

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    An insightful, hope laden and real as they come readof the often fraught, life long journey of Being The clinical examples are eye opening.Thank you for a most timely, coincidentally meaningful reminder, Dr Read.

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    Dr Tim Read is a rare psychiatrist who takes a position outside the mainstream of current psychiatric orthodoxy and therefore gets my attention He has a career in crisis psychiatry at the Royal London Hospital, once again a field I can relate to Dr Read has developed an interest in transpersonal psychiatry, having trained in Stan Grof s Holotropic Breathwork This training and depth of understanding of the transpersonal adds a dimension of maturity and insight to Dr Read s approach to psychiatry, personal healing and development that is well worth considering I found his book entertaining and enlightening Dr Read stays clear of taking controversial positions on transpersonal psychology but is not afraid to look unblinkingly at the controversies and relays his personal experiences and observations in a matter of fact and balanced fas...

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