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[KINDLE] ❄ Chase Baker and the Da Vinci Divinity (Chase Baker #6) Author Vincent Zandri –

Chase Baker and the Da Vinci Divinity (Chase Baker #6) Praise And Accolades For THE SHROUD KEY, The First In The Chase Baker Action Adventure Romance Pulp Series Named One Of SUSPENSE MAGAZINE S Best Books Of 2014 WINNER BEST POTBOILER NOVEL For 2013 By CrimeFictionBook Blog THE NO 1 BESTSELLER IN OCCULT THE NO 1 BESTSELLER IN INTERNATIONAL CRIME AND MYSTERY If You Put Zandri And Dan Brown In A Dark Cairo Back Alley, I D Put Money On Zandri He Went To Cairo In The Middle Of The Arab Spring Against The Explicit Wishes Of The U.S State Department , Gathered Materials For The Book While Tahrir Square Rioted The Shroud Key Is Page Turning Fun For Popcorn Munchers Ben Sobieck, CrimeFictionBook Blog Zandri Has Brought Back That Wonderful Quest Story THE SHROUD KEY Is Well Worth Every Minute SUSPENSE MAGAZINE Chase Baker, Renaissance Man And Adventurer Is Back When A Flirtatious, Beautiful Young Woman By The Name Of Andrea Gallo Claims To Be A Fan Of His Pulp Novels, Chase Can T Resist Reciprocating In The Lusty Attraction But That Night, While The Two Enjoy A Romantic Evening Of Wine And Love In His Florence Apartment, He Is Suddenly Kidnapped From His Bed By Two Thugs Who Turn Out Not Only To Be Working For Great Britain S Infamous MI 16, But Also Working Side By Side Gallo Duped Once Again, Chase Wants To Bid His Newfound Romance A Quick Arrivederci And Be On His Way But When They Tell Him They Desperately Need His Help To Uncover A Legendary Cave In The Northern Italian Forest Before A Team Of Russian And Iranian Hardliners Do, He Feels Compelled To Help Out, Regardless Of Their Rather Unsound Method Of Capturing His Attention But What S So Special About The Cave It S Said To Be The Very Same Cave That Leonardo Da Vinci Discovered As A Young Man Back In The Mid Fifteenth Century, And Where He Not Only Learned The Secrets Behind His Many Inventions, Including The Airplane, But Where He Was Exposed To The Very Meaning Behind God S Divine Plan For Mankind Why Is The MI 16 So Desperate To Uncover The Cave Before The Bad Guys Do Whoever Discovers It First Will Possess The Knowledge And The Power To Take Over The World Chase Baker And The Da Vinci Divinity Is A Romantic, Action Packed, And Thrilling Conspiracy Mystery For Fans Of Clive Cussler, Dan Brown, And JR Rain, From NEW YORK TIMES And USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Vincent Zandri SensationalMasterfulBrilliant New York Post The Action Never Wanes Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinal Gritty, Fast Paced, Lyrical And Haunting Harlan Coben, Bestselling Author Of Six Years Tough, Stylish, Heartbreaking Don Winslow, Bestselling Author Of Savages Non Stop Action I Love A Mystery Vincent Zandri Nails Reader S Attention Boston Herald Zandri Demonstrates An Uncanny Knack For Exposition, Introducing New Characters And Narrative Possibilities With The Confidence Of An Old ProZandri Does A Superb Job Interlocking Puzzle Pieces The San Diego Union Tribune Zandri Has Brought Back That Wonderful Quest Story That Keeps The Reader Alert And Pinging With Anticipation From Beginning To End His Chase Baker Character Is Cocky, Smart, And Multi Talented, But With That Brotherly Quality That Reminds You Of A Best Friend In School These Are The Types Of Characters We Remember And Follow, And Zandri Does Them With Flair, Along With Non Stop Action And A Surprise Ending What Thriller Reader Could Not Love That

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    What made the experience of listening to Chase Baker and the Da Vinci Divinity the most enjoyable I think I enjoy listening to Mr Wehrlen reading to me He s the best mystery suspense thriller narrators I ve encountered I usually don t like third person present tense, but this narrator does a flawless read, allowing me to overlook some of the tedious mundane tidbits.Did the plot keep you on the edge of you...

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    Chase Baker and the Da Vinci Divinity Chase Baker 6 a review by Rosemary KennyMove over Dan Brown, the genius who is Vincent Zandri has worked out the true story of what Leonardo was really all about The hidden messages are not only in the paintings, but underneath and even behind them as Chase Baker, the indefatigable PI, soon shares with us in The Da Vinci Divinity.Double agents, terrorist plots, alien technology, time travel and a chance to save a loved one are al...

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    OutrageousThis is one of the most outrageous books I ve ever read I can t tell you why because that would spoil the book for you And, you should read it if you want to That s totally up to you Just be ready for some true weirdness.

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    The order given on Fantastic Fiction is different to the order here, this one is correct by the look of it so I ve read a few of these out of order Luckily enough they re stand alone enough to get away with it In this one Chase searches for the mysterious cave that inspired DaVinci.

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    A great mysteryFast paced, intriguing Read it in record time for my own usual speed I love historical mysteries It could have had detail in it and the ending seemed a bit rushed but it was a good story.

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    Chase Bakergood book well written with I twist and turns, held my interest well Enjoyed reach g book first time to read this suthor

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    Fantastic book Great book I will definitely be reading of this series Plenty of twist and turns and you might learn something too.

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    Format Audiobook You actually live your adventures Slightly different from earlier Chase Baker novels, this one is a lot personal and written in the first person After being recruited by MI 16 to find da Vinci s legendary cave, Chase s quest goes pretty smoothly well, as smoothly as they ever go. Apart from the Islamists And the Russians And then, there s Andrea.Another great fun adventure book, from Vincent Zandri, recounting the astonishing exploits of the best selling but not as famous as Dan Brown author , Chase Baker Narrator Andrew Wehrien becomes the man himself, with a warm, natural reading perfectly suited to Chase s sardonic, sometimes self depreciating but bold personality His voicing of the other protagonists is also individual, distinct and fitting with the brief exception only of the Poseidon twins, whose English Cockney to this Brit s ears sounds like a poor imitation of New York gangsters His pace followed the...

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    I AM A daVINCI FAN7ZI thouroughly enjoyed this book the story moved well plotm held together well I was partially able to work it out.but in the end, it got me..a good read especially if you like leo d v mp

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    Wonderful I so enjoyed this book Mr Zandri has truly outdone himself with this one We all know how brilliant DaVinci was, but what if there truly was a gift of the future for him Would that not be wonderful To be able to se...

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