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[Epub] ↠ Beneath Author Kristi DeMeester –

Beneath When Reporter Cora Mayburn Is Assigned To Cover A Story About A Snake Handling Cult In Rural Appalachia, She Is Dismayed, For The World Of Cruel Fundamentalist Stricture, Repression, Glossolalia, And Abuse Is Something She Has Long Since Put Behind Her In Favor Of A Tolerant Urban Existence But She Accepts The Assignment, Dredging Up Long Buried Memories As She Seeks The Truth.As Cora Begins To Uncover The Secrets Concealed By A Veneer Of Faith And Tradition, Something Ancient And Long Concealed Begins To Awaken What Secrets Do The Townsfolk Know What Might The Handsome Young Pastor Be Hiding What Will Happen When Occulted Horrors Writhe To The Surface, When Pallid And Forgotten Things Rise To Reclaim The Earth Will Cora And The Earth Survive The Answers And Pure Terror Can Only Be Found In One Place Beneath.

[Epub] ↠ Beneath  Author Kristi DeMeester –
  • Paperback
  • 308 pages
  • Beneath
  • Kristi DeMeester
  • 14 February 2017
  • 9781939905291

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    I have enjoyed Kristi DeMeester s short stories immensely With her first novel Beneath there is evidence of her authorial capability allocated throughout the story The novel is highly sexually charged throughout it s telling, with the lines blurred between eroticism and the perversion.The novel s main characters, a young female no nonsense reporter, a priest who wavers between impure thoughts and weakness, a mother and daughter who s highly religious upbringing and marred upbringing comprise the majority of the narrative.The priest is the leader of a rattlesnake handling church in the mountains of Georgia The intrepid reporter has been assigned to write a feature article on the church its parishioners and of course it s snakes The novel takes place somewhere in the nineteen eighties and slowly exposes the past and history of the main characters, most of that history is qui...

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    4.5 Stars Video Review is a strong debut horror novel filled with creepy creatures and nasty people Clearly, Demeester has a dark and twisted imagination The prose in this novel is absolutely fantastic, with tightly written descriptions and disturbing imagery This novel is unapologetic in its attempts to make readers uncomfortable.Given the synopsis, readers may expect the snake handling to play a large role in the story Yet very little of the plot actually takes place within the evangelical church Instead, the journalist investigation simply sets up the story, which quickly takes off into a supernatural tale of ancient monsters.This is the kind of horror story that will have crossover appeal for thriller readers looking to get into the genre This novel was just about the perfect length Switching perspectives between a handful of characters, each chapter propels the story forward In places, the narrative choices felt a bit too passive, telling the horror, rather than showing it to the reader Given the ambiguous nature of the horror, certain scenes could have benefited from detailed descriptions In terms of scariness, this book utilizes several different avenues to terrify and delight readers The most predominant form of the horror...

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    4.5Beneath deserves to be on your list of horror books to read sooner, rather than later I enjoyed every minute of this ride This is my first Kristi DeMeester but it will not be my last I hope she writes sick reads And this book is sick.Dark and disturbing, the prose sort of washes over you like briny, brackish water and leaves you feeling unsettled and dirty at the end of the day.The blurb on the back of the back of the book gives you a great, surface level capture of what this story is about but it keeps its secrets and so I will too Just know, you will plumb the depths of a very dark place before this book is over.I really enjoyed our protagonist Cora a journalist with a sensitive past who is sent on an assignment to cover a story about a cult.She meets a preacher man , Michael who, despite all his flaws, I couldn t help being invested in his character and wanting him to push through to the end.DeMeester is masterful at setting, character development and building suspense by the time the story climaxes, you re ready for it Even though the plot feels a little familiar the evil DeMeester develops is disgusting and horrifying Plenty of times, the graphic, vivid detail was so stomach turning and frightening, I found myself trying to skim over the de...

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    And where are the angels to guard Where s the God of men and children VNV Nation Serial KillerDo you ever feel like a book was written just for you Like, there s some unspoken connection between you and the author, and somehow, despite not knowing each other, you share a kinship and because of that kinship, the book they wrote has some sort of special resonance with you, and you re like yeah, I m right there with you Like they somehow heard the thoughts in your head and managed to convert those thoughts into a wonderful narrative Like you d see each other across a crowded room, even as strangers, and be like yep, I totally understand THAT person.Yeah, me either Because, dude, that would just be super weird and creepy and stalkerish And I don t do creepy OR stalkerish alas, I really can t help the weird part That s the kind of shit that restraining orders are made of you psycho So knock that unhealthy mix of projecting and paparazzi behavior right the hell off, cuz you re making the rest of us normal fans look bad Sheesh But that said, if I WAS feeling somewhat creepy and stalkerish, I do believe that Kristi DeMeester and I would likely get along famously Like maybe we share some of the same kind of damage or messed up ways of thinking Honestly, I d just want to buy her a High West whiskey, say nicely done chica , and then be on my merry and messed up way Because, when it comes right down to it, Beneath is my kind of book Dark, ...

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    Beneath is one heck of a book, for the most part I ll state up front that the ending didn t quite work for me, and it felt as if DeMeester wasn t sure how to wrap up the events of her story in a satisfying way This is a slow burn horror book, but where there should have been a big finale, the story disappointingly fizzles out and slowly fades away I would also advise that this very much a me issues, and might not be a you issue, so please don t let that deter you Read it and judge for yourself The first 3 4 of Beneath are absolutely terrific I really dug the atmosphere DeMeester conjures with her cult of Appalachian snake handlers and the investigative reporter, Cora, sent on assignment to dig up some dirt on these backwoods folks and their sincerely held religious belief that poisonous snakes should bite small children to see if God will deem them worthy of saving Cora is a dogged journalist, but also deeply scarred by her mother s religiosity and her youth In the opening pages, DeMeester lays out a history of Cora s victimization at the hands of a pedophile priest This history first compels her to stay far, far away from the assignment, until she s finally goaded into taking the story from her editor Once in the small mountain town, she notices hints that Father Michael is not the charismatic preacher he plays at, and recognizes in him similar pedophiliac traits as the abuser of her youth When he stares a little too lo...

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    A snake handling religion located in a small church in an even smaller backwoods town A reporter with a dark history surrounding the church of her childhood A mother and daughter enveloped in a slinking, slithery darkness with ties to horrors that aren t as removed from the everyday world as we d like to think Beneath boasts a dark beauty and DeMeester s talent lies in her descriptive writing and her world building when it comes to this novel The characters are well developed, and some of the mos...

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    4.5 Stars.My friend Sadie is a horror nut like me, and every once in a while she will message me and say you need this Not only does she love horror, but she loves pretty much all of the same things that I love, so if Sadie says I need something, I definitely need it This is one that she told me I needed.I bought it, and like a lot of the books I buy it got buried under piles of other books that arrived shortly after and I forgot about it Not entirely, though I knew I wanted to read DeMeester, I just hadn t gotten around to it yet Finally, this month gave me the perfect opportunity I like to do picture challenges on Instagram, and this month a bunch of my friends are doing a Ladies of Horror Fiction challenge I decided that not only was I going to do the photo challenge, but I was going to challenge myself to read mostly women the entire month of August Beneath went into the pile, and I finally picked it up.Long story short, I bought it on a recommendation and knew nothing about the story I never read a book s blurb until right before I read the book, so up until a few days ago I had no clue what this story is about On the surface it s about a reporter from Atlanta who goes to Hensley, North Carolina to cover a story about a snake handling cult Cora has a haunted...

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    Devastatingly bleak novel that ratchets up the tension and terror page by page and never relents Snake cults, religious horror, the horrors of organized religion, the weakness of the flesh, the pleasure and the price of sin, and a haunting conclusion combine to form one unforgettable beast Compulsively readable, with smooth, fluid prose, and filled with a cast of truly realistic and fully realized characters Highly recommended to weird and horror fans who thrive in dark places, both geographical...

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    Beneath is an apocalyptic novel involving evangelicals and snake handling Several characters were only children of single mothers who I found easy to relate to I m not sure what else I could add.This is a great first publishe...

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    Review coming soon

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