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[PDF] The Impossible By Mark Illis –

The Impossible When Hector Coleman And His Mates Genetically Mutate Overnight, His Life Changes In Impossible Ways A Comic Book Inspired Adventure With A Graphic Novel Twist For Fans Of Joe Cowley, Joe Sugg And Charlie HigsonHector Coleman Just Your Average Angst Ridden Teenager, Living A Normal Rubbish Life In A Normal Rubbish Town With, Let S Face It, A Rubbish Name Until His Mates Start Genetically Mutating And Everything Changes Apart From His Name And His Girl Trouble And His Embarrassingly Low Number Of Twitter Followers All Those Things, Unfortunately, Stay The Same

[PDF] The Impossible  By Mark Illis –
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • The Impossible
  • Mark Illis
  • English
  • 10 May 2017
  • 9781786540065

    10 thoughts on “[PDF] The Impossible By Mark Illis –

  1. says:

    In this book the impossible happens The question is why First thing to say is that I was disappointed when I got this book The description said it was a comic book inspired adventure with a graphic novel twist but it is barely graphic novel comic book at all There are 9 pages with illustrations on them admittedly in the comic book style out of 282 which doesn t match the page count either That is about 3% of pages The rest is normal novel.Still after my initial disappointment I read and got into it The story follows 15 year old Hector Coleman, resident of Gilpin, a small town, the geographical centre of the UK , famed for a massive storm a few hundred years ago with lots of lightning and people dying Hector has a stalker, a strange old balding guy in brown leather jacket, white T shirt When it is revealed who this guy is the whole book takes off and draws you in There is so much mystery and intrigue which runs through right to the end before the loose ends are all tied up We re living in a sc...

  2. says:

    This book was down right weird but kinda wonderful It follows the story of 15 year old Hector Coleman, who s life is about to get a whole lot impossible This novel is marketed as a comic book inspired adventure with a graphic novel twist, and I picked up this book thinking I d give it a try, as it wasn t really like anything I d ever read, as I am not a huge graphic nove...

  3. says:

    An easy read, the comic book style was interesting however maybe a little sparse with only one comic book spread every few chapters The concept of teenagers infected with superpowers in a small, sleepy English village, and the panic and chaos that follows, was gripp...

  4. says:

    Mark Illis s YA novel with illustrations by Bimpe Alliu is a so so take on superhero fiction in that it has some interesting ideas but the characters were a little cookie cutter although I believed in Hector s relationship with Jason and bland, the plot lacked urgency and pace and th...

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