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[Reading] ➯ Chase Baker and the Spear of Destiny (Chase Baker #11) ➷ Vincent Zandri –

Chase Baker and the Spear of Destiny (Chase Baker #11) The Kidnapping Of The Pope The Heist Of The Spear That Pierced Christ S Side During The Crucifixion The Rise Of The Neo Nazi Fourth Reich The Only Man Who Can Stop It All Is Adventurer, Chase Baker After Surviving A Bloody Run In With ISIS Sympathizing Bandits In The Middle Of Morocco S Sahara Desert, Adventurer And Renaissance Man, Chase Baker, Finds Himself In The Presence Of A Vatican Priest Who Desperately Needs His Help One Of The Church S Great Relics Has Been Stolen By A Surviving Member Of The Nazi SS A Man By The Name Of Adolf Rickman The Relic Is None Other Than The Spear Of Longinus The Very Weapon That Pierced Jesus Christ S Side While He Hung From The Cross On Golgotha If Chase Can T Recover The Spear, It Will Be Used By Rickman And His Neo Nazi Cohorts, To Create A Brand New Evil Fourth Reich One Thing Stands In Rickman S Way However The Spear Is Not Complete Its Tip Has Been Broken Off The Power Of The Spear Can Only Be Accessed With The Tip When It Is Once Again Reunited With Its Whole But Who Is The Keeper Of The Spear Tip The Papal Father Himself So What Does This Mean For Chase It Means That Not Only Must He Recover The Spear, He Must Prevent The Pope From Being Kidnapped By A Band Of 21st Century Nazis Bent On Taking Over The World Now, Along With The Help Of A Beautiful And Sexy Vatican Archivist And A Chain Smoking Priest, Chase Baker Travels To Italy, The Vatican, Germany And Points In Between In Search Of The One Relic That Can Either Save Mankind, Or Obliterate It For Fans Of Russell Blake, Clive Cussler, Dan Brown, Boyd Morrison, And Brad Thor Comes Another Full Length, Hair Raising, Chase Baker Action Adventure From New York Times And USA Today Bestselling ITW Thriller Award Winner, Vincent Zandri Filled With Romance, Suspense, Intrigue, And Just Plain Fun, Chase Baker And The Spear Of Destiny Is One Wild Ride If You Put Zandri And Dan Brown In A Dark Cairo Back Alley, I D Put Money On Zandri He Went To Cairo In The Middle Of The Arab Spring Against The Explicit Wishes Of The U.S State Department , Gathered Materials For The Book While Tahrir Square Rioted The Shroud Key Is Page Turning Fun For Popcorn Munchers Ben Sobieck, CrimeFictionBook Blog Zandri Has Brought Back That Wonderful Quest Story THE SHROUD KEY Is Well Worth Every Minute SUSPENSE MAGAZINE

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    Chase Baker and the Spear of DestinyA Chase Baker ThrillerBy Vincent ZandriNarrated by Andrew B WehrlenThis is an audible book I requested and the review is voluntary.I love this series There is always action, adventure, lots of danger, excitement, and it s a fun listen read I haven t been disappointed yet I bought several of these in the series, that is how much I like them.The narrator is so great He keeps the tension, action up and you almost feel the danger and excite...

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    Format Audiobook Even nomads have cell phones nowadays There is a legend that the spear which pierced the side of Jesus during the crucification is the ultimate weapon, and another, continuing the myth, that Hitler and the others sharing his Berlin bunker, killed themselves and their families within an hour of it being placed in his hands But to fulfill its full power, the spearhead has to be complete not, as it currently exists, with a broken tip kept by the Pope himself whilst the main part languishes in archival imprisonment.Someone wants to get that spear and reunite tip and body Someone is prepared to do anything to do this And Chase Baker is out to stop it from happening.Author Vincent Zandri s tales are always exciting, intriguing, informative and written with humour This is no exception being a dazzling cartoon style colouration of character, plot and location with a very sensory visit to the Sahara as well as Florence and Rome.Mostly written in the first person present, Chase Baker archaeologist, adventurer and best selling author is sardonic, egotistical and, if not brave then determined Andrew Werhlen portrays him to perfection, as always his fast paced reading echoing the quick, snappy dialogue with good intonation and appropriate expression His voicings of the other protagonists is also good, distinctive and accented.This is another completely stand alone fun book in this exciting series I was fortunate in bei...

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    Yet another Chase Baker mystery to keep his readers sitting and reading until late at night, trying to keep up.If you like former archeologists sand hogs, who just seem to stumble from one archeological mystery straight into the next, while guzzling booze, wooing the ladies, making loose promises to obtain assistance from some highly questionable characters, while saving one of a kind artifacts both hidden or recently liberated from the bad guys, then Chase Baker is the man for you This guy falls into one trap after another, but has the luck or ability to somehow squeak through every scrape, unharmed Chase also has enough stored information in his cranium on ancient histories worldwide, to know enough about whatever artifact or person that he s chasing after, and still have a B Plan, lined up and waiting in the works, as he zips around foreign countries, causing chaos and catastrophic events to follow in his unerringly turbulent wake Chase just naturally has a k...

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    One of your best Chase booksThis book was well worth the wait I like how you did the first person story You have so much detail and description read with interesting information about the spear of destiny, Vatican and tunnels to make an audience rea...

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    He has done it again This was well worth the wait What an exciting twisting plot line Never knew what or when something was going to pop out, who was good or who was bad All the descriptions of Italy was wonderful Loved, loved it Don t miss this one Would definitely recommend.

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    My first read from author Vincent Zandri Although I own several of his books I d never read one until now I was given an Audible copy of this book am voluntarily reviewing it The excitement, intrigue suspense of a thriller, good read RIP Marley January 20, 2014 July 24, 2018.

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    A soldier of fortune with a great sense of humourAn interesting story about a Christian artifact stolen and the Pope kidnapped and then saved by solider of fortune with a sense of humor

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    Great book This book has plenty of twist and turns Plenty of facts and interesting things to learn about I will definitely be reading of this series.

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