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[PDF / Epub] ★ If I'm Being Honest By Emily Wibberley –

If I'm Being HonestHigh School Senior Cameron Bright S Reputation Can Be Summed Up In One Word Bitch It S No Surprise She S Queen Bee At Her Private L.A High School She S Beautiful, Talented, And Notorious For Her Cutting And Brutal Honesty So When She Puts Her Foot In Her Mouth In Front Of Her Crush, Andrew, She Fears She May Have Lost Him For Good In An Attempt To Win Him Over, Cameron Resolves To Tame Herself, Much Like Katherine In Shakespeare S The Taming Of The Shrew First, She Ll Have To Make Amends With Those She S Wronged, Which Leads Her To Brendan, The Guy She Labelled With An Unfortunate Nickname Back In The Sixth Grade At First, Brendan Isn T All That Receptive To Cameron S Ploy But Slowly, He Warms Up To Her When They Connect Over The Computer Game He S Developing Now If Only Andrew Would Notice But The Closer Cameron Gets To Brendan, The She Sees He Appreciates Her Personality Honesty And All And Wonders If She S Compromising Who She Is For The Guy She Doesn T Even Want This Is A Previously Published Edition Of ISBN 9780451481092 An Alternative Cover Edition For This ISBN Can Be Found Here.

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    ARC provided by Penguin in exchange for an honest review. If I was going to commit to someone, I wanted him to be worth the worry, worth the part of me I was going to give him Wow, this truly read like a gift from above Like, I m actually bitter than I didn t have a YA contemporary story like this when I was in high school because this was perfection The Taming of the Shrew 10 Things I Hate About You loose retelling, starring a popular mean girl and a nerdy gamer boy, where they go to The Rocky Horror Picture Show together I mean, it s everything I ve ever wanted in my adult life, too I truly think this will be the best YA contemporary romance I ve read all year, and these authors are now in a tier all on their own Cameron A senior in high school who wants nothing than to go to UPenn and to get a summer internship to work with her dad and finally have him be proud of her Andrew Black, and has been friends with Cameron for a really long time, and they are running partners with each other Paige A girl who goes to Cameron s school, who for sure marches and dances to the beat of her own drum Brendan Paige s brother, who has kept to himself and his video games ever sinc...

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    3.5 5

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    this book is inspired by Ten Things I Hate About You me, adding it to my tbr wow it sure is good to have a reason to live again

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    okay, so emily wibberley and austin siegemund broka are ultimate couple goals not only do they write books together, but they write freakin adorable stories with the most wholesome romances i seriously cant get over it like, where do i find myself a significant other who can ALSO be my coauthor thats the dream right there i seriously enjoyed this story so much i feel like on a surface level, anyone would enjoy this sweet contemporary story but with the deeper meanings, flawed but relatable characters, and heartfelt lessons, im pretty sure anyone would downright love this i am just amazed at the complexity of this story, but also how lighthearted it is its definitely a balance that works in the storys favour but most of all, i am such a fan of how both of emily and austins books explore how important it is to be true to yourself and to not change for anyone that is a theme that they effectiv...

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    My thoughts in a nutshell I never planned to read this book It was an instant buy and read because of the cover I thought it would be an ordinary fluffy YA book I m so glad I picked it up It was so much than I felt.The story is about Skip over this point if you don t like the sneak peek Cameron Bright is an honest girl Everyone hates her because she says what s on her mind One day, Cameron s big, old crush Andrew labeled her as one word bitch It is a problem Oooops What impressed me I loved the character development in this novel Cameron is a super badass girl I like her, and I understand her whole motive, why she acts like this Cameron has a lot of personal problems in her life, but she never talks about them She struggles with a careless father, a mother who lost her dream and nothing motivates her any and some high expectations.Her personality beautifully improves She learns about herself and she slowly finds out who she truly is What makes her happy Who makes her laugh Who makes her smile What she really wants in her life If we were meant to be together, you wouldn t have wanted me to change first This novel is a journey about a teenager life I adored the powerful message Don t change yourself because you re afraid of what people think Change yourself because you want to be better Don t change yourself to win someone s heart Stay true and you will find someone who likes you being you.It is a crucial lesson for both adults and children.The writing style w...

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    proof the timeline I m in doesn t totally suck one of my favorite author duos is writing another book, but this time it s inspired by Ten Things I Hate About You, aka my favorite 90s teen movie so yeah I m happy releases April 23rd, 2019

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    3.5 stars Katherine s not the villain of the play It s the people trying to change her if I m being honest, This was a really good book A really enjoyable quick read where an unapologetically honest girl figure herself out I didn t have high expectations before I start this book, but the fact that it s based on 10 things I hate about you with Taming of the shrew references made me excited to read it This is a book about becoming who you truly wan...

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    Examination of a mean girl this is not, unfortunately If you want that, Some Girls Are is the way to go Cameron is unnecessarily rude and brash, but, after being chastised by her potential love interest, learns relatively quickly to tone it down and becomes a better person, makes new friends and discovers a nerdy boy to love None of this is particularly new or revelatory 10 Things I Hate About You, I think, had a better version of The Taming of the Shrew More interesting is Cameron s relationship with her failure of a mother and sugar daddy father Their type of family dysfunction felt fresh to me What it comes down to for me though, is that the writing doesn t distinguish itself in any way Cameron s voice is exactly the same as in a multitude of other YA novels I ve said it about YA fantasies before, and contemporaries have the same problem It s like YA authors use the same character templates, same conversations, follow the same tro...

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