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!!> Reading ➺ Dawn of the Exile (The Infernal Guardian, #2) ➲ Author Mitchell Hogan –

Dawn of the Exile (The Infernal Guardian, #2) Best Book, Dawn Of The Exile The Infernal Guardian, 2 Author Mitchell Hogan This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Dawn Of The Exile The Infernal Guardian, 2 , Essay By Mitchell Hogan Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

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    I was sent a review copy of Dawn of the Exile in exchange for an honest review Thank you to Mitchell Hogan for approaching me and 47North for the NetGalley widget Set ten years after the conclusion of Shadow of The Exile, the second novel in The Infernal Guardian series sees Tarrik Nal Valim, one of the most well crafted and likeable demon characters in fantasy facing a trial regarding his actions in the human world and the following consequences Five demon lords are presiding and after his case is discussed each of the judges can state whether they believe Tarrik should be offered redemption from his exile, to remain exiled, or to be put to death It would be a short narrative if the resulting verdict was death at this point so I won t mark this as a spoiler Following the outcome, Tarrik, a demon of the Thirty Ninth Order returns to the mundane, dangerous and rundown haunts of Shimrax where the sandglass of his long life is ever so slowly trickling away Conveniently timed, in a similar style to the previous entry in the series, Tarrick is summoned by a sorcerer from the human world Hooks pierce his skin causing indescribable agony and rip him through the veil of the very different worlds to serve an unknown being This is where the story really starts and the mage discusses with Tarrik what the demon will have to do whilst he is bound, what their objective is, and that he will be a sex slave whenever they demand it.Hogan is a phenomenal wordsmith and although...

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    Really enjoyed this second installment New adventures, new characters and characters we know and some of the story felt a bit the same too A fun read nonetheless

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    Mitchell Hogan has become my second favorite authors he s in excellent company with Michael J Sullivan being in the number one spot I love this series that s set many years before the beginning of the Tainted Cabal series please get book 2 out soon The prologue picks up where Shadow of Exile ends Tarrik Nal Valim is mourning Ren s death and has returned his exile in the Guttering Wastes of Shimrax where he s been exiled When he s summoned before the council of lord, he hopes that his deeds in Wiryaa ensuring that that Samal was not set free from his prison The Augers, who can see glimpses, have brought disturbing news to the council and informed them of Tarrik s the role that he played while in the human realm unfortunately, they also informed them that he remained there after his bindings were severed with Ren s death They want to hear his version of the events, he knows that he cannot lie because the Augers have already told them everything, but he is still hoping that he will be released from exile After he explains the lords take a vote to decide if he will be redeemed, killed or sent back into exile two vote for redemption, two for death and one for his return to exile Since there is no majority, he is to be returned to exile with the warning that if he meddles with humans again the one vote that saved him form death will change ensuring that he dies He s not sure ...

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    Publishing Date March 2019Publisher 47 NorthISBN 9781542040303Genre FantasyRating 4.6 5Review This story continues on the heels of a very good novel that I reviewed awhile ago, Shadow of the Exile Tarrik is once again summoned by a sorcerer with nefarious plans and away we go.This author is very good at creating intense movement coupled with great character development When you look forward to every scene and silently root for the characters to prevail, you have a winner Most sequels suck and rely on a patterned rendition to create a series Although this continues the story line, the world building whisks you awa...

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    Another good addition to the series Review here

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    Ive become a Hogan fanboy So far everything I ve read by him is super fun Set a few years after book 1, we are immersed into Tarriks world, his friends, his enemies both old and new, as well as great world building Its not over the top confusing but i...

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    Release day is today 12 3 19To say I was excited when I realised Dawn of the Exile was up on NetGalley would be an understatement I whooped a bit and jumped straight in You see, while I didn t think book 1, Shadow of Exile, was perfect, I really enjoyed Tarrik He is a great character My review can be found on my blog He is a demon, stuck in exile, guilty of staying in the human world and loving a human woman He is an upper level demon and past all the chaos that the younger demons bring with them He is brave, strong, smart and he feels everything acutely than humans.In the beginning of Dawn of the Exile, Tarrik is dealing with the fallout of the last time he was summoned He escapes death only to be summoned back into the human world by a very angry and vindictive sorcerer Once again he is bound, forced into service and in a fight for his life.I wish I could say I loved this book I wish I could say I really liked it even, unfortunately, this one just didn t come together for me I still love everything about Tarrik, he has of a sense of right and wrong than any of the humans in the book If there was ever a character observing how wrong the world was, how unjust it all seemed, it was Tarrik All of the human characters were so wrapped up in their own thing, they o...

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    ARC received from 47North via Netgalley A good sequel to the first novel Shadow of the Exile, which begins right after the climactic end I enjoyed reading this It is an entertaining romp with likable characters, and shadowy threats brimming with malice There is awesome magic, action, demonic assassins, undead gods, that adds up spice to the interesting world of the novel It has a pretty simple story arc with doses of intriguing mythology, and a fresh modern take on some of the tropes that gives us the vibe of playing a virtual reality game.Hogan introduces a few new characters here, and a little amount of amazing worldbuilding I particularly was interested in the Orgol Kingdom and their esoteric culture Hogan gave quite a view on it in the story Also, Tarrik, our protagonist demon is again caught up in the affairs of the human world He is amped up with some new powers and abilities Although I m of the opinion that two of the potential characters were underused, I can t wait to see where the story will go further As a personal choice, I want the character of the Sanguine King to play a prominent role in the upcoming conflict which is hinted throughout the story.The simple narrative with short chapters work wonders as it increases the pace of the story, and keeps the tension escalating I liked the occasional dry humour and the dynamics of the...

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    I received a free eARC of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.I wasn t sure whether this was a 3 or 3.5, so I went with 3.5 and rounded up.The journey continues for Tarrik in this second installment of the Infernal Guardian Tarrik is resummoned to the human realm after barely escaping oblivion from the Council of Five demon lords who had judged him and told him to not have contact with humans again He finds himself under the bindings of remnants of the Nine who still hope to free Samal from his prison Tarrik goes on a journey, finds friends he thought were lost, explores his expanding abilities and comes face to face with threats he thought taken care of My main issue with this book is the same as the first one if you just told me something two pages ago, don t repeat it I got it the first time Or the first...

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    I loved the first book, Shadow of the Exile, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one, too It took me a while to get into this story but once I did, I was hooked Ren and Tarrik along with a few extra characters once again team up to try and defeat the biggest, baddest demon, Samal There is lots of adventure and betrayal Ren s sole focus is on destroying Samal at all costs while Tarrik assists her in order to achieve redemption in his demon world Their friendship grows stronger and while not exactly touching, Mr Hogan makes the most despicable demons have a heart and soul This is an exciting, well written...

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