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!!> PDF / Epub ★ Gabriel (Members From Money Book 43) ✓ Author Katie Dowe –

Gabriel (Members From Money Book 43) Launch Sale Just 2.99, Guaranteed For 24 Hours Only Save 50% Over The Regular Price Of 5.99 A Sexy, Alpha Male Marriage Romance By Katie Dowe Of BWWM Club Terri Lancaster Is The Daughter Of Two Powerful Lawyers And Is A Lawyer Herself But Instead Of Trying To Make Money, She Is Determined To Make The World A Better Place Through Community Service Multibillionaire Gabriel Is Trying To Redo Downtown And Needs Terri S Okay In Moving The Community Center Although She Refuses The Proposition, She Isn T Able To Refuse The Pull Of Alpha Male S Magnetic Force And Soon They Begin A Passionate Affair But As Terri Falls For The Man, She Is Torn By Her Conflicting Emotions Is Gabriel In This Relationship Just So She D Agree To Move The Community Center Or Does He Actually Love Her Find Out In This Emotional Yet Sexy Romance By Katie Dowe Of BWWM Club Suitable For Over 18s Only Due To Sex Scenes So Hot, You Ll Want To Cuddle Up With Your Own Alpha Male

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    What a beautiful love story I was glad to see that this African American woman was not down and out or suffering with self esteem issues I was also glad to see she was like Diana one of the other Members from Money wives who was very outspoken and not afraid to stake her claim to her man I knew before purchasing this book it would be great because I have all of the ...

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    Great jobI really enjoyed reading about Gabriel and Terri wow I thought that Mia didn t take no stuff she s got nothing on Terri cause she say whatever she feels and doesn t care who likes No filter at all.But apparently she s met her match with Gabriel she challenges him and he doesn t let her get away with anything They had their ups and downs but never met anyone who could really de...

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    Love it This book was so good I don t think I would have had the patience Gabriel had when it came to Terri Because she was a handful and to me, I don t think she was good enough for him She treated him so...

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    Not one of my favoritesThis is third book that I was little disappointed in, I have enjoyed most of the books in the series I had issues with a couple of things First Terri and her brother were twins, so why was...

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    I liked the book and the work that the heroine at the community center but she needed to grow up a lot I just wish that sometimes the prickly anti rich heroines of the author s books would realize that being this biased about someone bei...

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    I enjoyed the storyline of the book Terri was tough and stubborn but good hearted with the work she wanted to do as a lawyer with helping people Gabriel and Terri are opposites attract and it was interesting reading abou...

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    Spicy I throughly enjoyed reading this book It was well balanced from beginning to end It has everything in the pot that makes you not want to put it down , or for it to end This has aspects that set it apart from others in this series.

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    GreatI was waiting for Gabriel s story I really liked him InDia and Sebastian s story.He sure put up with Terri She was a little brat at times I loved when she went to claim her man Keep up the good work.

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    This book was a good read I would recommend it to friends and family

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    The Club MembersA great series from Book 1 Each storyline is independent, yet each one springs from one of the previous one Awesome SeriesGreat Characters

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