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!!> Ebook ➬ Carlos (Members From Money Book 44) ➭ Author Katie Dowe –

Carlos (Members From Money Book 44) Launch Sale Just 2.99, Guaranteed For 24 Hours Only Save 50% Over The Regular Price Of 5.99 A Sexy Pregnancy Romance By Katie Dowe Of BWWM Club Brooke Michaels Has Never Been In Love She S Always Dreamed About The Beautiful Man With Dark Hair Who Would One Day Sweep Her Away To Her Surprise, That Man Turns Out To Be Billionaire Carlos Ortega, Heir To A Multi Billion Dollar Wine Company One Glance At Brooke Fires Up The Spanish Heat And Passion That Laid Dormant Inside Of Him Together They Start A Romance That Goes Well Beyond Brooke S Wildest Dreams But When Tragedy Strikes, Everything That Brooke Has Built In Her Life Begins To Crumble Including Carlos Can Brooke And Carlos Rely On Each Other, Through Thick And Thin What Will It Take To Cement Their Relationship For Good Find Out In This Emotional Yet Sexy Romance By Katie Dowe Of BWWM Club Suitable For Over 18s Only Due To Sex Scenes So Hot, You Ll Want Your Own Italian Billionaire

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    Carlos and BrookeBrooke was a small town girl running her small wine business and certainly knew her stuff when it comes to selling the right kind to her customers Everyone in the town knew just about anything that went on or at least they thought they did Carlos was a big business billionaire who along with his family owned the biggest wine business that ...

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    Carlos, another great Member from Money story Carlos and Brooke were destined to be together because Brooke dreamed of him years before setting eyes on him Although they fell into the passion part of their romance quickly they were not initially on the same page Through a miscarriage and other trials and tribulations these two lovers finally got their love match on track, became a family complete w...

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    Carlos This book captivated me I enjoyed this book It had me in tears and had me holding my breath in hoping things would work out for Carlos and Brooke The characters were so believable I really enjoy this series by Katie Just when I think I heard it all, she comes with a new...

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    31 2 stars a fantasy romanceI say fantasy because Brooke was a 28 year old virgin living in a small town who dreamed about her perfect man, knowing he was going to be her one and love for The rest of her life The comes Carlo...

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    Loved it Carlos and BrookeI tend to like strong women with strong character, so at first when she was all in love after first meeting the man, I thought here we go again The man treating her like carp and h...

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    Good jobIt s not every time you read about a child being born in a story by one of my favorite authors and that date used in the book is your own birthday This story had me wanting to slap Carlos upside the head So stubborn, but Brooke was also a bit too Loved the story and all of the people i...

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    HmmmI know Katie can do better because I ve read most of her work Brooke was a little on the strange side and very needy And, Carlos was nothing to write home about C mon Katie we know and love youdo better

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    Carlos and Brooke were perfect together and the chemistry was wonderful I liked them as a couple and enjoyed their story They were tested with the situations that happen with their child and it was interesting to read I greatly enjoyed the story.

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    very good

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    Carlos didnt learn He just kept letting her go Brooke was a little intense for me.

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