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[ BOOKS ] ✪ Howling at the Moon Author Walter Yetnikoff –

Howling at the Moon He Music Industry S Most Outspoken, Outrageous, And Phenomenally Successful Executive Delivers A Rollicking Memoir Of Pop Music S Heyday.During The 1970s And 80s The Music Business Was Dominated By A Few Major Labels And Artists Such As Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Barbra Streisand And James Taylor They Were All Under Contract To CBS Records, Making It The Most Successful Label Of The Era And, As The Company S President, Walter Yetnikoff Was The Ruling Monarch He Was Also The Most Flamboyant, Volatile And Controversial Personality To Emerge From An Industry And Era Defined By Sex, Drugs And Debauchery Having Risen From Working Class Brooklyn And The Legal Department Of CBS, Yetnikoff, Who Freely Admitted To Being Tone Deaf, Was An Unlikely Label Head But He Had An Uncanny Knack For Fostering Talent And Intimidating Rivals With His Appalling Behavior Usually Fueled By An Explosive Combination Of Cocaine And Alcohol His Tantrums, Appetite For Mind Altering Substances And Sexual Exploits Were Legendary In Japan To Meet The Sony Executives Who Acquired CBS During His Tenure, Walter Was Assigned A Minder Who Confined Him To A Hotel Room True To Form, Walter Raided The Minibar, Got Blasted And, Seeing No Other Means Of Escape, Opened A Hotel Window And Vented His Rage By Literally Howling At The Moon In Howling At The Moon,Yetnikoff Traces His Journey As He Climbed The Corporate Mountain, Danced On Its Summit And Crashed And Burned We See How Walter Became The Father Confessor To Michael Jackson As The King Of Pop Reconstructed His Face And Agonized Over His Image While Constructing Thrillerand How, After It Won Seven Grammies, Jackson Made The Preposterous Demand That Walter Take Producer Quincy Jones S Name Off The Album We See Walter, In Maniacal Pursuit Of A Contract, Chase The Rolling Stones Around The World And Nearly Come To Blows With Mick Jagger In The Process We Get The Tale Of How Walter And Marvin Gaye Fresh From The Success Of Sexual Healing Share The Same Woman, And Of How Walter Bonds With Bob Dylan Because Of Their Mutual Jewishness At The Same Time We Witness Yetnikoff S Clashes With Barry Diller, David Geffen, Tommy Mottola, Allen Grubman And A Host Of Others Seemingly, The Yetnikoff Feeds His Cravings For Power, Sex, Liquor And Cocaine, The Profitable CBS Becomes From 485 Million To Well Over 2 Billion Until He Finally Succumbs, Ironically, Not To Substances, But To A Corporate Coup Reflecting On The Sinister Cycle That Left His Career In Tatters And CBS Flush With Cash, Yetnikoff Emerges With A Hunger For Redemption And A New Reverence For His Working Class Brooklyn Roots.Ruthlessly Candid, Uproariously Hilarious And Compulsively Readable, Howling At The Moon Is A Blistering You Ll Never Eat Lunch In This Town Again Of The Music Industry.

[ BOOKS ] ✪ Howling at the Moon  Author Walter Yetnikoff –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Howling at the Moon
  • Walter Yetnikoff
  • English
  • 10 April 2017
  • 0767915364

    10 thoughts on “[ BOOKS ] ✪ Howling at the Moon Author Walter Yetnikoff –

  1. says:

    I bought this for a dollar at a library book sale, though I m sure I deliberated the value of its purchase It turns out that everything I ve ever read about Walter Yetnikoff is true he s a drug fueled, egomaniacal, misogynistic, immature, ...

  2. says:

    Howling good read The story of a nice Jewish boy who grew up into a raging power addicted milk monster, was called Good Father by Michael Jackson, was bested in an flash economics quiz by Mick Jagger, played a great practical joke with a bagel, and refused to bathe a festering wound for fe...

  3. says:

    Read this in 2 sittings He takes you with him on a fast, sometimes slow ride that s always out of control despite how controlled he thinks he is Loved it Funnest book I ve read in ages.

  4. says:

    Like watching a train wreck A pig of a man.

  5. says:

    Rock fans need beach reading, too.

  6. says:

    In your face autobiography dealing with the record industry Sometimes a little too in your face but the chapters on his girlfriend Boom Boom are priceless Don t make an enemy of this guy he names names and gives all the details This makes a good vacation read.

  7. says:

    I read it because I m a huge fan of Billy Joel I enjoyed the Billy Joel stories and all the rest I was happy for Mr Yetnikoff s repentance and second chances.

  8. says:

    If you ve read anything about the music industry from the 70 s 90 s, you ve no doubt had Walter Yetnikoff s name come up But to hear these legendary tales told straight from the source puts a whole other spin on them Major industry shifts and huge decisions were made heavily under the influence of drugs and alcohol, spite, reven...

  9. says:

    Velvel has a certain bombastic charm, and the behind the scenes music biz anecdotes make this worth reading In the end, though, it s just a prolonged sobriety story from a guy who is self important even in ...

  10. says:

    I loved this book It s a laugh out loud romp of a read of a subversive child, grown up It also is that rare memoir by a person who actually has power and control over lots of things, rather than by a person who was a victim and remains likable If you like music and insider ...

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