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[[ Reading ]] ➻ Le Sphinx des glaces Author Jules Verne –

Le Sphinx des glacesBut Strange As The Journey May Be, It S Nowhere Near As Strange As What They Will Find Waiting At Its End Neither Poe Nor Verne Had Actually Visited The Remote Kerguelen Islands, Located In The South Indian Ocean, But Their Works Are Some Of The Few Literary As Opposed To Exploratory References To The Archipelago.

[[ Reading ]] ➻ Le Sphinx des glaces Author Jules Verne –
  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • Le Sphinx des glaces
  • Jules Verne
  • English
  • 18 August 2017
  • 9781598183207

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    Poe s only novel, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket was a financial and critical failure at the time of publication Yet, Poe s tale inspired generations that came after him, including many well known authors.One of them was this literary god Jules Verne Jules Verne loved the story so much that he actually wrote a novel set in the same world as Poe s story He named the novel as Le Sphinx des glaces The Sphinx of the Ice Fields which became known as An Antarctic Mystery in later years.Those who have read The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym would remember the ending, or the lack of an ending for the story I can imagine Verne reading the last page of Poe s fascinating novel deep into a night and shouting Nooooooooooo when he reached the last sentence I can also imagine him brooding for a whole week and later vowing to write a follow up story just to give closure to himself and the fans of Poe s novel.An Antarctic Mystery is a narrative just like Poe s novel, and instead of Pym, we get Jeorling, an American who interested in Wildlife and traveling Oh, Incidentally he is also a fan of Poe and his novel Jeorling secures a cabin in a ship called Halbrane, whose captain is a bold and enigmatic English man Within days, Jeorling discovers that the Captain of Helbrane is the brother of the Captain of Ship Jane, the same Jane which was part of Poe s supposedly fictional novel.Even though Eleven years have passed since the mysterious disappearance of Jane, Captain of Helbrane believes the crew might be still alive And to fuel this belief, The ship discovers some evidence related to Jane s crew Do you know what that means It s time for a voyage to the unknown Antarctic And It s not just any voyage, it s a rescue mission Finding Pym Verne has done a great job continuing Poe s story, but in this process, Verne sacrificed the Macabre and horrors of sea journey, which was essentially the best thing about the narrative of Pym To Verne s credit, the story he told is consistent, unlike Poe s novel Nevertheless, Verne was not able to bring out his A game because of the not so bizarre setting which Verne thrives in and improbable coincidences The story s prominent drama was the constant forecasting of mutiny, rather than the adventure itself The characters are interesting, but the story is rather slow at times Nothing notable happened in the first half, and the second half was able to create some tension For most of the part, the novel reminded me of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.And at the end of the day, An Antarctic mystery is not very mysterious, but a mildly fascinating follow up to Poe s uneven classic.

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    Zagonetka ledenog mora il VernIzdanje Tehni ka knjiga, 1955.g il Vern ovu ledenu avanturu posve uje uspomeni na E.A.Poa, ije je delo Do ivljaji Artura Gordona Pima Vernu poslu ilo kao svojevrsna inspiracija Roman prati pustolovine gospodina D orlinga, svetskog putnika, i posade broda Holbrejn na elu sa kapetanom Len Gajom D orling se pridru uje posadi broda kapetana Gaja na proputovanju kroz antarkti ke, ledom okovane, vode Naime, kapetan Gaj kre e na putovanje prate i pustolovine Poovog junaka A.G.Pima, te uspeva da dovoljno zaintrigira i gospodina D orlinga tvrdnjom kako uveno remek delo E.A.P nije rezultat samo pi eve bogate ma te, ve da je re o memoarima, koje je navodno baltimorskom piscu preneo glavom i bradom sam A.G.Pim Za svoje tvrdnje kapetan Gaj ima naj vr i dokaz njegov ro eni brat Vilijam je bio deo posade broda D ejna kojim je Pim plovio i od koga Gaj nema glasa ve 11 godina, te kapetan kre e na put u poku aju da ga na e ili bar dozna kakva ga je sudbina zadesila To je ukratko sam po etak ove pustolovine, u nastavku vas o ekuju ledene oluje, brodolomi, neistra eni predeli, pre ivljavanje i borba za goli ivot Roman obiluje detaljnim opisima kako broda, tako i ivota na prekookeanskoj plovidbi, podacima o geografskim irinama i du inama, meridijanima, nauti kim izrazima.sve u najboljem stilu il Verna Osim toga, Vern daje jako precizne geografske podatke, toliko precizne da pravac plovidbe broda Holbrejn mo ete pratiti po geografskoj karti, to sam u nekoliko navrata i sama inila Stoga nije lo e da prilikom itanja imate pri ruci jednu geografsku kartu sveta, ako elite da verno ispratite tok radnje Zagonetka ledenog mora je pravi putopis, koji obi nog itaoca vodi tamo gde ga samo ma ta il Verna mo e odvesti pravo na Ju ni pol Preporuka svim ljubiteljima avanture i naravno E.A.Poa.

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    Here is the GR blurb for this edition of this book An Antarctic Mystery or, The Sphinx of the Ice Fields, was published first in 1897 as a response to Edgar Allan Poe s 1838 novel The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket It is an adventure story following the journey of of an unnamed narrator through the Kerguelen Islands in the Indian Ocean aboard the ship, the Halbrane.I already had this title on my Someday lists because I had enjoyed some of Verne s other work when I was younger and thought I would give what to me was a lesser known book a try And when I read this blurb, my curiosity meter went higher than normal A response to Poe s book which I also had never heard of What does that mean, exactly Wiki calls Mystery a sequel to The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket I assumed there would be a difference between response and sequel but basically the two terms can be interchanged in this case Verne imagined solutions to various questions in the Poe book, and created a story that explained what might have happened to the characters after the apparently unsatisfactory ending.You may be thinking now what I was thinking by the time I got to the places where Verne began to refer repeatedly to Poe Should I read the other book before I read this If you are a fan of Poe and have not read The Narrative, definitely read it before you read An Antarctic Mystery But if you are lukewarm about Poe as I am and don t feel up to slogging through what looked to me like a long and tedious tale I checked you can safely skip it because Verne reveals the entire plot in Chapter 5, as a necessary review for the reader to completely understand the adventure that our narrator Mr Jeorling finds himself caught up in Oh, there s my other quibble with the GR blurb Whoever wrote it was not paying close attention because the narrator was named in the very first chapter by the innkeeper of the Green Cormorant on the Kerguelen Islands, where he was waiting for a ship, any ship, to come along so he could book passage and leave So, let s see What about the book itself With all these distractions going on, what was the story like I was all caught up in it until the last few chapters, which seemed to drag on forever and were full of than the usual convenient and fantastic solutions to Poe s mysteries But honestly, I don t know if I had bogged down mentally with the story or from reaching these sections on January 20 I was a bit distracted either way and was just glad to get the day and the book over with by then.I liked the geography lessons that came with the story I had all kinds of fun looking up the locations of various actual islands and countries Of course now that we all know the reality of Antarctica, the descriptions of that continent were quaint and fanciful But no one knew much of anything about the place back then, and Verne s ideas at least worked quite well for his plot There were dramatic scenes in many chapters, and the story moved fast and kept me interested and curious at least until those last few chapters And it was really like reading two books in one I feel like I should add the Poe book to my finished lists, but that would be cheating Wouldn t it

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    This is an unofficial sequel to Edgar Allan Poe s only novel,1838 s, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket.Jules Verne was a great admirer of the American writer Mr.Jeorling is an geological researcher mineralogist , and believes that book was factual He s serious and roams the seas of the Earth to find Pym.Reaching the remote Indian Ocean s, Kerguelen Islands and stranded there for many weeks ,after finishing a job.He meets Captain Len Guy of the Halbrane.The captain s brother has vanished in the southern seas Jeorling persuades him that his brother might still be alive and is taken on board The Halbrane always sails south at the researcher s urging Day after day the endless voyage continues Will they travel all the way to the Antarctic The crew is frightened, who wouldn t be Led by an ambitious sailor named Hearne,the kind of man that doesn t mind killing.He s constantly threatening mutiny.Inevitability the ship strikes an iceberg and slowly sinks Marooned on the ice,Hearne and his men steal their only skiff.And head for the nearby Antarctic coast but don t quite make it A great shame.Incredibly soon after a drifting small boat is spotted and guess what Inside is the captain s brother alive At last the mariners get to the shore and discover an Ice Sphinx.A strange structure but very interesting Will the survivors get back home or die in this desolate land.And where is Pym You ll have to read the book.I have and enjoyed it too

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    I finished Jules Verne s Le Sphinx de Glaces Verne wrote his book as a follow up continuation of Edgar Allan Poe s novel The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket.Reading Verne s methodical sequel after Poe s meandering novel had me picturingPoe created a sense of creeping dread in his meandering novel that was part seafaring misadventure, a bit of scientific flora fauna diary, a bizarre horror story, capped by an abrupt, inconclusive ending His perplexing narrative spurred both H.P Lovecraft Jules Verne to write their own novels to continue flesh out Poe s story.H.P Lovecraft s novel borrows the setting builds on the abrupt ending, creating a horror landscape that delves into the Antarctic area decades after Pym disappears Lovecraft s horrific scenes extend the setting creatures, imagining what Pym might have also encountered had Poe decided to share Pym s Antarctic fate with us.As for Verne s novel, I imagine the very rational, scientific Verne reading Poe s novel for the first time, loving the artistic lan, the mystery, but twitching at Poe s inconsistencies, dead ends, hanging plot points.And, then, Verne set about writing his own novel, weaving Poe s entire narrative into his own plot, fixing explaining any incongruities, effectively retelling extending the story of Pym to bring the entire narrative to a logical, complete, sound ending I m not sure whether Poe would have been amused or horrified at the tidying that Verne does with his story.Even so, Verne writes a wonderful adaptation sequel to Poe s novel I think the two books read together fit together like, well like The Odd Couple fit together completely different, yet complementary, highlighting the best of each writer.Bravo to Poe Verne I also enjoyed Lovecraft s variation on the Pym story, but his was less intrusive less revisionist of Poe s work than Verne s version Lovecraft s is almost of a stand alone book than Verne s is, imo.

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    Bu sefer detayl bir yorumu ikinci de il, birinci kitapta anlatm t m Buzlar n Sfenksi di er Jules Verne eserlerine g re benim i in daha merak uyand r c yd Sanki daha az virg lle ucuca eklenen co rafi bulgular, daha ok konu i eriyordu.Spoiler vermemek ad na s ylemiyorum ama b t n kitab n zerine temellendi i gizem yle basit ve rasgele bir bi imde z ld ki ger ekten kitab n tad n ald g t rd.Yine de arad m ve bekledi imi buldu um tipik bir JV eseri olarak kitapl ktaki yerini ald.Herkese keyifli okumalar.

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    Belki biraz garip, bu hayat m boyunca okudu um ikinci Jules Verne kitab yd lki sko ya Seyahati Klasiklerin i in herkesin okudum deyip kimsenin okumad kitaplar olduklar s k a s ylenir Ya da Calvino nun deyi iyle kimsenin okuyorum demeyip tekrar okuyorum dedi i kitaplar okuduklar D nya zerinde bu c mlelerin en ok yak t yazarlardan biridir herhalde Jules Verne Verne in, Arz n Merkezine Seyahat, Denizler Alt nda Yirmi Bin Fersah, Seksen G nde Devri Alem gibi eserlerine g lge boyutunda, filmlerle, izgi filmlerle, haklar ndaki yaz larla o umuz y llar boyunca maruz tutulsak, hatta baz lar m z ilkokul y llar nda k rp lm zet metinleri afili ocuk kitaplar olarak g zden ge irmi olsak da ancak ok az ki i bu eserleri tam metin halinde okudum diyebilme ayr cal na sahip olmu tur Hele belli bir ya tan sonra Jules Verne okuman n okuyucuya Tolstoy, Balzacvari bir karizma kazand rmad n n d n lmesi de onun kitaplar n n ger ek okunma oranlar n di er baz klasikle mi yazarlara g re d k tutmu tur Gelelim Buzlar n Sfenksi ne D r st e s yl yorum ben bu kitab niye sat n ald m , niye okumaya ba lad m hat rlam yorum Bir sebebi vard , bu sadece hat rlad m nternette g vendi im biri mi tavsiye etmi ti, yoksa sadece buzlu ismine bak p ho uma m gitmi ti, emin de ilim, ama evet, bir sebebi vard Kitap ser venli bir kitap Ak c kitap merakl s de ilimdir ama kitap nl bir ak c l k vaadine sahipse elbet ondan bunu da beklerim Buzlar n Sfenksi ok ak c olmasa da okuyucuyu s r kleyebilen, bir sonraki sayfay okuma merak n metin boyunca insan n i inde canl tutan bir kitap Tasvirler, yarat lan atmosfer iyi ve sar c Okuma s reniz boyunca denizcilikle ilgili ufak tefek eyler reniyor, co rafya alg n z bir miktar geli tiriyor, genel anlamda bu t r konularla ilgili bir t r havaya giriyorsunuz Kitab n b y k b l m nde ok b y k olaylar cereyan etmiyor, baz psikolojik gerilimler ya ansa da kitap daha ok beklendi i gibi i in ilerlemeli macera k sm zerinde duruyor fakat bu maceran n anlat l bi imi acele, sakil ve ok da ocuksu de il Yaln z, Jules Verne in kitab n n sonunu ok ok aceleye getirmi oldu u san r m onu okuyan pek ok insan i in tart lmaz bir ger ektir Roman n belli k s mlar nda baz her bak mdan nemsiz ayr nt lar n gereksiz bi imde uzat ld n g rd kten sonra ok daha b y k bir nem verilmesi gereken d m k sm ndaki neredeyse aleladeli i kabullenmek zor Tabii 19 Yy romanlar i in bir yandan da, b yle eyleri sevmiyor, en az ndan bu k s m uzat lmam , bu da bir kard r diye d nm yor da de ilim Neyse, roman ocuksu y n belli miktarda ne kan her romanda oldu u gibi tesad flere fazla ba l yor belini ok abart l oldu unu s yleyemeyece im ama yer yer dozu a acak bi imde varlar Tesad flerin tesinde, roman n sonunda kahramanlar n biriyle ilgili K rk Mantolu Madonna n n sonundaki s namad m ajitasyondan da te yle bir sahne var ki G ld rd n beni Jules Verne amca demekten kendimi alamad m Bir de bana Nam k Kemal in, ge en y zy l n roman sanat nda ba l ba na m mtaz bir rnek olan ehirli T rk romanlar n hat rlatt n Kitapla ilgili bahsetmek istedi im iki ey daha var Birincisi Jules Verne in yaz m s ras nda yapt , dipnotlarda belirtilen maddi hatalar Tarihlerin, isimlerin, enlemlerin, boylamlar n kar t r lmas , haf zadaki s r meler Bu hatalar n Jules Verne in yazarl ndan azaltmak yerine bana sempatik geldi ini s ylemeliyim Yazar n, anlat c n n insan oldu unu hat rlatan bu t r eyler bana a k as postmodern tatl bir mutluluk veriyor kincisi Alfa Yay nlar n kutlamak istiyorum Frans zca orijinaline benzeyen zenli bir kapakla, albenisi olan bir Jules Verne kitab yapm lar Haz rlad klar b t n bir Ola an st Yolculuklar serisi ho Yaln z, kitap boyunca 4 5 sayfa ilerisine spoiler veren resim ve resim alt yaz lar n kullan lm olmas , bilmiyorum orijinal kitaplarda b yle bir ey var m d r, bana riskli bir ey gibi geldi Roman n sonlar na kadar rahats z etmeyen, hatta belli bir s r kleyicilik etkisi de yaratan bu durum, olur da onlara bakmak ad na al kanl k kazan r ya da g zlerinizi ka ramazs n z, sonlarda heyecan duygusuna epeyce bir sekte vuruyor.

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    This is the first Jules Verne novel I have read and I enjoyed it The reason I read this book is because it is the sequel to Edgar A Poe s The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym If you have read that novel, you realize that Poe left off rather abruptly and did not finish his narrative I m not sure why It bothered me quite a bit I wanted to know what happened Well, apparently, Jules Verne did too He wrote this continuation of Poe s novel in 1895 Originally in French, I read an English translation The introduction in my edition was from 1975 and explained how Poe, Verne, and Wells were instrumental in the birth of science fiction Jules Verne believed in the supernatural but not in the same way as Poe did or as Poe wrote He was strictly scientific and wanted his books to be true to science, or at least the science that they knew back then He believed in God and God s will and it is apparent in his book that Providence played a huge part Poe wrote of things happening beyond our control and not always in a good sense Verne is clear cut about morals bad things happen to bad people and if bad things happen to good people, it is because there is some greater good.This is the story of Mr Jeorling an unpronounceable name for me , a scientist who is in the Kerguelen islands at the beginning of the story He becomes a passenger on the Halbrane, commanded by Captain Len Guy After picking up men in the Falkland Islands, they journey to Antarctica in search of the pole and of the crew of the Jane, mentioned in the Poe story Mr Jeorling remarks that Poe wrote a fiction story but the captain contends it is a true narrative So the journey begins Of course we know so much about Antarctica now, but it s still a fun read.It gave me some closure, even though it was not written by Poe The story moved along quite well I did get tired of Verne always referring to one of the men on the ship as the half breed throughout the book As he was one of the main characters, this got very tiring In many ways it was definitely a 19th century novel.

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    A very interesting exploration tale Jules Vernes descriptions can be intense but he really draws a great picture of everything going on and in reading this book it is very hard not to see the ocean , the ice and the various landscapes Some very dated bits such as the need to constantly refer to a character as a half breed are declaring all black people are flighty with no concept of the future but sadly it is of the age in that respect.Side from that it is an interesting tale and a great concept , looking at what if an amazing tale of the imagination is actually true.

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    This was a nearly amazing novel First, I purchased the complete writings of Jules Verne as a single volume from the Kindle store I think it was 99 cents something like that And I ve been reading my way through the collection Finishing Antarctic Mystery puts me about 32% of the way through the collection So I have no knowledge of what page I am on at any given time.As for this story, it quickly becomes a sequel of sorts to Edgar Poe s The Narrative of Gordon Pym, because the main character joins forces with the captain of a ship to search for any survivors of Poe s shipwreck including Gordon Pym, whom the main character is shocked to learn is not a fictional character at all, AND the brother of the ship captain of Verne s story, who had lost his ship trying to rescue Pym and others from Antarctica The story is written around 1840, and very little is known about the icy continent, so readers will be taken aback by the conditions of the South Pole region But, as in all Jules Verne s adventure novels, such relevant knowledge as was actually available at the time finds its way into his book Moreover, Verne takes science seriously, and doesn t allow himself departures from scientific lore into the realm of fantasy Hence, he is one of the first truly science fiction writers.For readers who are not familiar with The Narrative of Gordon Pym, Verne provides a chapter summarizing the novel, and numerous explanations of information necessary to understand his own sequel Once I realized that Verne s book would be a sequel to Poe s, the story became far engrossing for me I recommend the book to readers who admire Poe s work and or have read the Poe novel but neither condition is required to enjoy it By the way, An Antarctic Mystery has also been published under the title The Great Sphinx of the Ice Field.

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