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!!> KINDLE ❄ Noodles Knitting ❁ Author Sheryl Webster –

Noodles Knitting Noodle Loves The Snuggly Softness Of Soft Balls Of Pretty Wool She Even Knows All The Special Words Knitting Requires Knit One, Purl One, Knit Two Together So When Noodle Finds A Ball Of Wool, She Knits And Knits And Knits Until Noodle Knits Herself Into A Whole Lot Of Trouble Beautifully Illustrated With Soft To Touch Wool On Every Page, This Book Is Softly And Tenderly Comic.

!!> KINDLE ❄ Noodles Knitting  ❁ Author Sheryl Webster –
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Noodles Knitting
  • Sheryl Webster
  • English
  • 24 December 2017
  • 1561486949

    10 thoughts on “!!> KINDLE ❄ Noodles Knitting ❁ Author Sheryl Webster –

  1. says:

    A touch and feel ball of yarn and a mouse leaning to knit.

  2. says:

    Lapset rakastavat t llaisia aistikirjoja, joissa on erilaisia kosketus ja tunnustelupintoja T ss kirjassa on jopa oikea juoni tarinassa, joten lukuhetki on todella onnistunut Kirjan kuvitus on suloista, tarina on mielest ni hyv j...

  3. says:

    My 19 month old daughter totally adores this book Each page has touchy feely yarn on it, which she loves following with her finger The drawings are very colourful and detailed and the knitted scarf gets longer and longer on each page The pages have so much colour and texture The detail, especially in the texture knitting is amazing.I agree, there s not much of a story, but younger children will love following the mouse and her scarf from page to page and see her and her friends get cosy on My 19 month old daughter totally adores this book Each page has touchy feely yarn...

  4. says:

    This one would be a 3 star, in my opinion, if it hadn t won me over with the With soft to touch wool on every page I m a very tactile person and I know some kids are, too, so I enjoyed feeling the knitting as the story went along and I m sure there s kiddoes that would as well.Noodle has watched the farmer s wife knitting for mont...

  5. says:

    The book was really good Noodle the mouse took a ball of wool that the farmers wife didn t want Why Because she wanted to make a scarf Now all she needed was some knitting needles So she went off to find Hedgie She said to him I m looking for some knitting needles Then Hedgie said Will these do He showed her two of his quills Yes And took them and set off home She knitted all night long And then when it was done, it was way to big ...

  6. says:

    This is a cute and simple story, nothing too complex or riveting, but I really loved the fact that you could feel Noodle s yarn on every page There definitely should betactile books like this one for children, it really brought the story to life.

  7. says:

    While I know it doesn t totally need 5 stars, I can t help myself I love this book The touchable quality is very fun, but I really just loved that it was an adorable picture book centered around knitting.

  8. says:

    very colourful, very good for touching i like to knit so very good story p big words beautiful pictures A little too big for the baby to hold herself though.

  9. says:

    Super cute illustrations not much story.

  10. says:

    Mouse has fun knitting.

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