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!!> Reading ➳ Desiree ➬ Author Kenneth C. Goldman –

Desiree DON T KISS DESIREE CHAPELLE Yes, Desir E Is Beyond Beautiful Seductive Even As A Child, She Seems Every Man S Erotic Dream, A Fantasy Woman Possessing Charms That No Man Can Resist And Therein Lies The Problem.Because If You Are A Young Man With Bubbling Testosterone You Had Better Resist Her In Fact, You Should Run Like Hell.Whether It S An Innocent Kids Game Of Spin The Bottle Or A Grope Fest In The Back Of An Old Van, You Would Be Wise To Keep Repeating DON T KISS DESIREE CHAPPELLE But Someone Is Wise To Desir E Someone Who Knows Her Secrets And Who Has A Very Personal Reason To Uncover The Truth No Matter What It Will Take, No Matter What It Will Cost.Someone Who Knows She Has To Destroy Her

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    See if this sounds familiar girl raised by a weird shut in of a mother, a child who is a product of rape and strange upbringing, develops a peculiar special power And while there is nothing quite like a violently sanguine prom, Desiree is a memorable character all of her own A girl with lethal kisses Ken Goldman did a fine job creating a story where hormonally driven individuals just can t help themselves and dying for love becomes than a tired clich There are obsessive pathologies at work here, driven by all the basic human emotions from love to hate with a certain quality of madness in between Strong writing and well developed characters drove the story to its fitting resolution at a very nice pa...

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    I mentioned that I needed to read stories from the Damnation Books label in a review I wrote months ago at Desiree by Ken Goldman happily fits that bill I am thrilled to say that this story not only reaffirms y belief that Damnation Books is producing quality, well written and edited fiction, but it also makes me want to seek out works by Mister Goldman.Desiree is a novella that reads fast and makes you squirm all the way to the end It is a slick, dark tale that sucks you right in it has a touch of supernatural and resists the temptation to devolve into a generic slasher.Desiree has an unknown talent that is possibly the product of her mother s breast milk which continues to consume into her twenties and a little old fashioned chanting I know It made me feel a tiny bit icky writing that I am not the type of reviewer or shudder critic who gives away the story I simply share some relevant information and tell you whether or not I believe you should part with any of your hard earned money to be entertained by this story If the first sentence in this paragraph doesn t have yo...

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    It all started so simple A child s game of Spin the Bottle Her kiss sent Tommy through the sky Just one kiss and Desiree had memorized the boy Soon later Tommy killed himself in the name of Desiree.As years passed no one could resist the kiss, the allure of Desiree and soon after just like Tommy, they ended up dead What power did she hold over them Desiree is not for the light of heart The erotic sense of the story leaves the reader questioning why Desiree does what she does and at times the reader might believe there is a hidden evil motive behind Desiree.What Goldman has accomplished is a psychological, erotic, horror fest that questions what is really love He fascinates the reader with enticing characters and an overall twist at the en...

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    Wonderfully written and haunting Goldman definitely has the goods I look forward to reading of his work.

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    Curious to read this book only because it shares my first name Scared to see what this is about

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    House of Horror Review of Desiree By Ken Goldman Don t kiss Desiree Chappelle Desiree is a weird and wonderful tale by author Ken Goldman, of a young woman who literally possesses the kiss of death Anyone who gets close enough to touch her lips becomes madly obsessed with Desiree up until the point she is practically controlling their every thought and move.On the outside Desiree looks and acts like a normal beautiful young woman, but even at the age of thirteen, she was desired by almost every adolescent boy They all strangely wanted to be near her.The story begins at Tommy and Tamara s twins thirteenth birthday party The young teens decide to play a game of spin the bottle Tommy finally gets his wish to kiss Desiree Chappelle but at what cost As Goldman puts it, it was Tommy s best birthday ever, but it would also be his last.Goldman then takes us through various points in the character s life, winding strange little side tales within each section There really are no chapters, just broken up sections One thing that did annoy ...

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    Withersin Magazine has reviewed Desiree with 5 stars Here is the review I find that being ugly is great protection from killer hot chicks Desir e Chappelle has a problem every time she kisses someone they commit suicide Compounding this problem is the fact that she is overwhelmingly attractive and irresistible She crosses paths with Tamara Drenoff throughout her life leaving dead brothers, friends, and lovers in her wake Tamara doesn t know how the deaths happen but she knows that they are all related to Desir e After her life falls apart on one long, terrible day she decides she ll stop Desir e She doesn t have to kill her Tamara just has to make her undesirable This short book just enwraps you from the start It is a wonderful and engaging story that is fun to drink down in one big gulp The non linear timeline helped raise the tension and kept me reading There were a few clunking bits of dialogue here and there but nothing that really upset the flow of the book It is an interesting turn to have a young person ostracized for their good looks, though not directly, versus some other failing that plagues us as we grow Read it, it is good for you 5 out of 5 Withersin Magazine Reviewer, Adam Armstrong is a writer and visual artist from Northern Kentucky He is a voracious reader, reading roughly a hundred books a year and hundreds of short stories and articles in the small press An obsessive auto...

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    Ken Goldman says DESIREE Damnation Books by Ken Goldman is slowly getting some buzz in horror circles Here is a tale of a beautiful young woman who literally carries the kiss of death That s not good for any woman hoping to score a second date Withersin Magazine reviewer Adam Armstrong writes This short book just enwraps you from the start It is a wonderful and engaging story that is fun to drink down in one big gulp The non linear timeline helped raise the tension and kept me reading Five stars House of Horror says Desiree is a weird and wonderful tale by author Ken Goldman T W Brown, author of The Dead The Ugly Beginning, writes DESIREE is a novella that reads fast and makes you squirm all the way to the end It is a slick, dark tale that sucks you right in And Page Horrific s review mentions Mr Goldman shows definite flashes of brilliance in his descriptive prose and atmospherics In addition, Benjamin Kane Ethridge author of the Stoker award winning...

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    Beautiful Desiree has an odd problem whenever she kisses someone, they become infatuated with her and eventually commit suicide Her first victim is a young boy named Tommy who killed himself shortly after kissing her during a game of spin the bottle at a party Tommy s sister, Tamara, keeps her eye on Desiree over the years, discovering other men have met the same fate as her brother.Goldman s novella bounces around time wise and can easily be read in one sitting Although the author never clearly explains...

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    Desiree Ken Goldman HorrorDesiree Chapelle is a seductive beauty , every mans desire But she holds a secret and it can be deadly to kiss Desiree Her mother is know as being crazy, she raised Desiree on her own and warns her of the evils that men can do Desiree heeds her mothers warnings and will only allow ce...

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